FSC FSC Description

1005 Guns, through 30 mm
1010 Guns, over 30 mm up to 75 mm
1015 Guns, 75 mm through 125 mm
1020 Guns, over 125 mm through 150 mm
1025 Guns, over 150 mm through 200 mm
1030 Guns, over 200 mm through 300 mm
1035 Guns, over 300 mm
1040 Chemical Weapons and Equipment
1045 Launchers, Torpedo and Depth Charge
1055 Launchers, Rocket and Pyrotechnic
1070 Nets and Booms, Ordnance
1075 Degaussing and Mine Sweeping Equipment
1080 Camouflage and Deception Equipment
1090 Assy Intrcng Btwn Wpns In 2 or More Class
1095 Miscellaneous Weapons

1105 Nuclear Bombs
1110 Nuclear Projectiles
1115 Nuclear Warheads and Warhead Sections
1120 Nuclear Depth Charges
1125 Nuclear Demolition Charges
1127 Nuclear Rockets
1130 Conversion Kits, Nuclear Ordnance
1135 Fusing and Firing Devices, Nucl Ordnance
1140 Nuclear Components
1145 Explosive and Pyrotechnic Comps, Nucl Ord
1190 Specilized Test and Handling Eq, Nucl Ord
1195 Miscellaneous Nuclear Ordnance

1210 Fire Control Directors
1220 Fire Control Computing Sights & Devices
1230 Fire Control Systems, Complete
1240 Optical Sighting and Ranging Equipment
1250 Fire Control Stabilizing Mechanisms
1260 Fire Cntl Designating & Indicating Equip
1265 Fire Control Transmitting & Receiving Eq
1270 Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components
1280 Aircraft Bombing Fire Control Components
1285 Fire Control Radar Equip, Except Airborne
1287 Fire Control Sonar Equipment
1290 Miscellaneous Fire Control Equipment

1305 Ammunition, through 30 mm
1310 Ammunition, over 30 mm up to 75 mm
1315 Ammunition, 75 mm through 125 mm
1320 Ammunition, over 125 mm
1325 Bombs
1330 Grenades
1336 Guided Msl Warheads and Explosive Comps
1337 Guide Msl & Space Veh Explo Un, Fuel, Comp
1338 Guide Msl and Sp Veh Inert Un, Fuel, Comp
1340 Rockets, Rocket Ammunition & Rocket Comps
1345 Land Mines
1350 Underwater Mine Inert Components
1351 Underwater Mine Explosive Components
1355 Torpedo Inert Components
1356 Torpedo Explosive Components
1360 Depth Charge Inert Components
1361 Depth Charge Explosive Components
1365 Military Chemical Agents
1370 Pyrotechnics
1375 Demolition Materials
1376 Bulk Explosives
1377 Cartridge & Propellant Actuated Dv & Comps
1385 Surface Use Explo Ord Disposal Tools & Eq
1386 Undwtr Use Explo Ord Disposal Tools & Eq
1390 Fuses and Primers
1395 Miscellaneous Ammunition
1398 Specilized Ammo Handling and Svcing Equip

1410 Guided Missiles
1420 Guided Missile Components
1425 Guided Missile Systems, Complete
1427 Guided Missile Subsystems
1430 Guided Missile Remote Control Systems
1440 Launchers, Guided Missile
1450 Guided Missile Handling & Servicing Equip

1510 Aircraft Fixed Wing
1520 Aircraft Rotary Wing
1540 Gliders
1550 Drones
1560 Airframe Structural Components

1610 Aircraft Propellers
1615 Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms & Compon
1620 Aircraft Landing Gear Components
1630 Aircraft Wheel and Brake Systems
1650 Acft Hydraulic, Vacuum & De-icing Sys Comp
1660 Aircraft AC, Heating and Pressurizing Eq
1670 Parachutes and Cargo Tie Down Equipment
1680 Msl Aircraft Accessories and Components

1710 Aircraft Landing Equipment
1720 Aircraft Launching Equipment
1730 Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment
1740 Airfield Specialized Trucks and Trailers

1810 Space Vehicles
1820 Space Vehicle Components
1830 Space Vehicle Remote Control Systems
1840 Space Vehicle Launchers
1850 Space Vehicle Handling & Servicing Equip
1860 Space Survival Equipment

1900 Frigates and Corvettes
1901 Aircraft Carriers
1902 Cruisers
1903 Destroyers
1904 Submarines
1905 Combat Ships and Landing Vessels
1906 Minelayers and Minesweepers
1907 Landing Craft
1908 Torpedo Boats and Gun Boats
1909 Hydrofoils
1910 Transport Vessels, Passenger and Troop
1911 Amphibious Assault Ships
1915 Cargo and Tanker Vessels
1920 Fishing Vessels
1921 Tugs and Towboats
1922 Fire Boats
1923 Ice Breakers
1924 Repair Ships
1925 Special Service Vessels
1926 Lightships
1927 Cable Ships
1928 Salvage Vessels
1929 Rescue Vessels
1930 Barges and Lighters, Cargo
1935 Barges and Lighters, Special Purpose
1940 Small Craft
1945 Pontoons and Floating Docks
1950 Floating Drydocks
1955 Dredges
1990 Miscellaneous Vessels

2010 Ship and Boat Propulsion Components
2020 Rigging and Rigging Gear
2030 Deck Machinery
2040 Marine Hardware and Hull Items
2050 Buoys
2060 Commercial Fishing Equipment
2090 Miscellaneous Ship and Marine Equipment

2210 Locomotives
2220 Rail Cars
2230 Right-of-way Const and Maint Eq, Railroad
2240 Locomotive & Rail Car Accessories & Comps
2250 Track Material, Railroad

2305 Ground Effect Vehicles
2310 Passenger Motor Vehicles
2320 Trucks and Truck Tractors, Wheeled
2330 Trailers
2340 Motorcycles, Motor Scooters and Bicycles
2350 Combat Assault & Tactical Veh, Tracked

2410 Tractor, Full Tracked, Low Speed
2420 Tractors, Wheeled
2430 Tractors, Full Tracked, High Speed

2510 Vehicular Cab, Body, Frame Structural Comp
2520 Vehicular Power Transmission Components
2530 Vehicular Brake, Steering, Axle Wheel Comp
2540 Vehicular Furniture and Accessories
2590 Miscellaneous Vehicular Components

2610 Tires & Tubes, Pneumatic, Except Aircraft
2620 Tires and Tubes, Pneumatic, Aircraft
2630 Tires, Solid and Cushion
2640 Tire Rebuilding & Tire & Tube Repair Mats

2805 Gas Reciprocating Eng, Except Acft, & Comps
2810 Gas Reciprocating Eng, Aircraft & Comps
2815 Diesel Engines and Components
2820 Steam Engines, Reciprocating & Components
2825 Steam Turbines and Components
2830 Water Turbines & Water Wheels & Comps
2835 Gas Turbines and Jet Eng, Ex Acft & Comps
2840 Gas Turbines and Jet Engines, Acft & Comps
2845 Rocket Engines and Components
2850 Gasoline Rotory Engines & Components
2895 Miscellaneous Engines and Components

2910 Engine Fuel Sys Components, Nonaircraft
2915 Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft
2920 Engine Electrical Sys Comps, Nonaircraft
2925 Engine Electrical Sys Comps, Aircraft
2930 Engine Cooling Sys Comps, Nonaircraft
2935 Engine Cooling Sys Components, Aircraft
2940 Eng Filters, Strainers & Cleaners, Nonaircraft
2945 Eng Filters, Strainers & Cleaners, Aircraft
2950 Turbosuperchargers
2990 Misc Engine Accessories, Nonaircraft
2995 Misc Engine Accessories, Aircraft

3010 Torque Converters and Speed Changers
3020 Gears, Pulleys, Sprockets and Trans Chain
3030 Belting, Drive Belts, Fan Belts & Accys
3040 Miscellaneous Power Transmission Equip

3110 Bearings, Antifriction, Unmounted
3120 Bearings, Plain, Unmounted
3130 Bearings, Mounted

3210 Sawmill and Planing Mill Machinery
3220 Woodworking Machines
3230 Tools & Attachments for Woodworking Mach

3405 Saws and Filing Machines
3408 Machining Centers & Way-type Machines
3410 Electrical & Ultrasonic Erosion Machines
3411 Boring Machines
3412 Broaching Machines
3413 Drilling and Tapping Machines
3414 Gear Cutting and Finishing Machines
3415 Grinding Machines
3416 Lathes
3417 Milling Machines
3418 Planers and Shapers
3419 Miscellaneous Machine Tools
3422 Rolling Mills and Drawing Machines
3424 Metal Heat Treating & Non-thermal Equip
3426 Metal Finishing Equipment
3431 Electric Arc Welding Equipment
3432 Electric Resistance Welding Equipment
3433 Gas Welding, Heat Cutting, & Metalizing Eq
3436 Welding Positioners and Manipulators
3438 Miscellaneous Welding Equipment
3439 Misc Welding, Soldering & Brazing Supply
3441 Bending and Forming Machines
3442 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Presses, Power Dr
3443 Mechanical Presses, Power Driven
3444 Manual Presses
3445 Punching and Shearing Machines
3446 Forging Machinery and Hammers
3447 Wire and Metal Ribbon Forming Machines
3448 Riveting Machines
3449 Msc Secondary Metal Forming & Cutting Mach
3450 Machine Tools, Portable
3455 Cutting Tools for Machine Tools
3456 Cutting Tools for Secondary Metal Mach
3460 Machine Tool Accessories
3461 Accessories for Secondary Metal Machinery
3465 Production Jigs, Fixtures and Templates
3470 Machine Shop Sets, Kits, and Outfits

3510 Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment
3520 Shoe Repairing Equipment
3530 Indust Sewing Mach & Mobile Tex Repr Shops
3540 Wrapping and Packaging Machinery
3550 Vending and Coin Operated Machines
3590 Misc Service and Trade Equipment

3605 Food Products Machinery and Equipment
3610 Printing, Duplicating & Bookbinding Equip
3611 Industrial Marking Machines
3615 Pulp and Paper Industries Machinery
3620 Rubber & Plastic Working Machinery
3625 Textile Industries Machinery
3630 Clay & Concrete Products Industries Mach
3635 Crystal & Glass Industries Machinery
3640 Tobacco Manufacturing Machinery
3645 Leather Tanning and Working Machinery
3650 Chemical and Pharmaceutical Machinery
3655 Gas Generating and Dispensing Systems
3660 Industrial Size Reduction Machinery
3670 Specilized Circuit Board Manufacturing Mach
3680 Foundry Machinery, Related Equip & Sup
3685 Specialized Metal Container Mfg Mach & Eq
3690 Specialized Ammunition and Ordnance Mach
3693 Industrial Assembly Machines
3694 Clean Work Stations, Controlled Environ Eq
3695 Miscellaneous Special Industry Machinery

3710 Soil Preparation Equipment
3720 Harvesting Equipment
3730 Dairy, Poultry, and Livestock Equipment
3740 Pest, Disease, and Frost Control Equipment
3750 Gardening Implements and Tools
3770 Saddlery, Harness, Whips and Furnishings

3805 Earth Moving and Excavating Equipment
3810 Cranes and Crane-shovels
3815 Crane and Crane-shovel Attachments
3820 Mining, Rock Drilling, Earth Boring Equip
3825 Road Clearing and Cleaning Equipment
3830 Truck and Tractor Attachments
3835 Petroleum Production & Distribution Equip
3895 Miscellaneous Construction Equipment

3910 Conveyors
3915 Materials Feeders
3920 Mat Handling Equip, Nonself-propelled
3930 Warehouse Trks & Tractors, Self-propelled
3940 Blocks Tackle Rigging and Slings
3950 Winches, Hoists, Cranes and Derricks
3960 Elevators and Escalators
3990 Miscellaneous Materials Handling Equip

4010 Chain and Wire Rope
4020 Fiber Rope Cordage and Twine
4030 Fittings for Rope, Cable and Chain

4110 Refrigeration Equip
4120 Air Conditioning Equip
4130 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Comps
4140 Fans, Air Circulators & Blower Equip
4150 Vortex Tubes and other Related Cooling Tubes

4210 Fire Fighting Equipment
4220 Marine Lifesaving and Diving Equipment
4230 Decontaminating and Impregnating Equip
4235 Hazardous Mat Spill Cont & Clean-up Eq & Mat
4240 Safety and Rescue Equipment
4250 Recycling and Reclamation Equipment

4310 Compressors and Vacuum Pumps
4320 Power and Hand Pumps
4330 Centrifugals, Separators, and Filters

4410 Industrial Boilers
4420 Heat Exchangers and Steam Condensers
4430 Industrial Furnaces, Kilns, Lehrs & Ovens
4440 Driers, Dehydrators and Anhydrators
4460 Air Purification Equipment
4470 Nuclear Reactors

4510 Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories
4520 Space Heating Eq & Domestic Water Heaters
4530 Fuel Burning Equipment Units
4540 Misc Plumbing, Heating & Sanitation Equip

4610 Water Purification Equipment
4620 Water Distillation Equip Marine & Indust
4630 Sewage Treatment Equipment

4710 Pipe and Tube
4720 Hose and Tubing, Flexible
4730 Fittings & Specialties; Hose, Pipe & Tube

4810 Valves, Powered
4820 Valves, Nonpowered

4910 Motor Veh Maint & Repr Shop Specilized Eq
4920 Acft Maint & Repair Shop Specilized Equip
4921 Torpedo Maint, Repair & Checkout Spec Eq
4923 Depth Charges, Mines Maint & Repair Equip
4925 Ammunition Maint, Repr & Checkout Spec Eq
4927 Rocket Maint, Repair & Checkout Spec Equip
4930 Lubrication & Fuel Dispensing Equipment
4931 Fire Control Maint & Repair Shop Spec Eq
4933 Weapons Maint & Repair Shop Spec Eq
4935 Guided Missile Maint, Repair Specilized Eq
4940 Miscellaneous Maint, Repair Specilized Eq
4960 Space Vehicle Maint, Repair Specilized Eq

5110 Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered
5120 Hand Tools, Nonedged, Nonpowered
5130 Hand Tools, Power Driven
5133 Drill Bits, Counterbores, and Countersinks
5136 Taps, Dies, and Collets: Hand and Machine
5140 Tool and Hardware Boxes
5180 Sets, Kits and Outfits of Hand Tools

5210 Measuring Tools, Craftsmen's
5220 Inspection Gauges & Precision Layout Tools
5280 Sets, Kits and Outfits of Measuring Tools

5305 Screws
5306 Bolts
5307 Studs
5310 Nuts and Washers
5315 Nails, Keys and Pins
5320 Rivets
5325 Fastening Devices
5330 Packing and Gasket Materials
5335 Metal Screening
5340 Miscellaneous Hardware
5342 Hardware, Weapon System
5345 Disks and Stones, Abrasive
5350 Abrasive Materials
5355 Knobs and Pointers
5360 Coil,flat and Wire Springs
5365 Rings, Shims and Spacers

5410 Prefabricated and Portable Buildings
5411 Rigid Wall Shelters
5419 Collective Modular Support System
5420 Bridges, Fixed and Floating
5430 Storage Tanks
5440 Scaffolding Equipment and Concrete Forms
5445 Prefabricated Tower Structures
5450 Miscellaneous Prefabricated Structures

5510 Lumber and Related Basic Wood Materials
5520 Millwork
5530 Plywood and Veneer

5610 Mineral Construction Materials, Bulk
5620 Tile, Brick and Block
5630 Pipe and Conduit, Nonmetallic
5640 Wallboard Bldg & Thermal Insulation Mat
5650 Roofing and Siding Materials
5660 Fencing, Fences and Gates and Components
5670 Building Components, Prefabricated
5675 Nonwood Construction Lumber and Related Materials
5680 Miscellaneous Construction Materials

5805 Telephone and Telegraph Equipment
5810 Communications Security Equip and Comps
5811 Other Cryptologic Equipment & Components
5815 Teletype and Facsimile Equipment
5820 Radio & TV Comm Equipment, Except Airborne
5821 Radio and TV Comm Equipment, Airborne
5825 Radio Navigation Equip, Except Airborne
5826 Radio Navigation Equipment, Airborne
5830 Intercomm Public Address Sys, Ex Airborne
5831 Intercomm Public Address Sys, Airborne
5835 Sound Recording & Reproducing Equipment
5836 Video Recording and Reproducing Equipment
5840 Radar Equipment, Except Airborne
5841 Radar Equipment, Airborne
5845 Underwater Sound Equipment
5850 Visible & Invisible Light Comm Equipment
5855 Night Vision Equipment
5860 Stimulated Coherent Radiation Devices
5865 Elct Countermeasures & Quick Reaction Eq
5895 Miscellaneous Communication Equipment

5905 Resistors
5910 Capacitors
5915 Filters and Networks
5920 Fuses, Arrestors, Absorbers, & Protectors
5925 Circuit Breakers
5930 Switches
5935 Connectors Electrical
5940 Lugs Terminals and Terminal Strips
5945 Relays and Solenoids
5950 Coils and Transformers
5955 Oscillators & Piezoelectric Crystals
5960 Electron Tubes & Assoc Hardware
5961 Semiconductor Devices & Assoc Hardware
5962 Microcircuits - Electronic
5963 Electronic Modules
5965 Headsets, Handsets, Microphones & Speakers
5970 Elec Insulators and Insulating Material
5975 Electrical Hardware and Supplies
5977 Electrical Contact Brushes & Electrodes
5980 Optoelectronic Devices & Assoc Hardware
5985 Antennas, Waveguides & Related Equipment
5990 Synchros and Resolvers
5995 Cable, Cord, Wire Assemblies, Comm Equip
5996 Amplifiers
5998 Electrical & Elct Assys, Boards, Cards
5999 Misc Electrical & Electronic Components

6004 Rotary Joints
6005 Couplers, Splitters, and Mixers
6006 Attenuators
6007 Filters
6008 Optical Multiplexers/Demultiplexers
6010 Fiber Optic Conductors
6015 Fiber Optic Cables
6020 Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies and Harnesses
6021 Fiber Optic Switches
6025 Fiber Optic Transmitters
6026 Fiber Optic Receivers
6029 Optical Repeaters
6030 Fiber Optic Devices
6031 Integrated Optical Circuits
6032 Fiber Optic Light Sources
6033 Fiber Optic Photo Detectors
6034 Fiber Optic Modulators/Demodulators
6035 Fiber Optic Light Transfer and Image Transfer Dev
6040 Fiber Optic Sensors
6050 Fiber Optic Passive Devices
6060 Fiber Optic Interconnectors and Supplies
6070 Fiber Optic Accessories and Supplies
6080 Fiber Optic Kits & Sets
6099 Miscellaneous Fiber Optic Components

6105 Motors, Electrical
6110 Electrical Control Equipment
6115 Generators and Generator Sets, Electrical
6116 Fuel Cell Power Units, Components & Accys
6117 Solar Electric Power Systems
6120 Transformers, Distribution & Power Station
6125 Converters, Electrical, Rotating
6130 Converters, Electrical, Nonrotating
6135 Batteries, Nonrechargeable
6140 Batteries, Rechargeable
6145 Wire and Cable, Electrical
6150 Misc Electric Power & Distribution Eq
6160 Miscellaneous Battery Retaining Fixtures & Liners

6210 Indoor & Outdoor Electric Lighting Fixtures
6220 Electric Vehicular Lights and Fixtures
6230 Electric Portable & Hand Lighting Equip
6240 Electric Lamps
6250 Ballasts, Lampholders and Starters
6260 Nonelectrical Lighting Fixtures

6310 Traffic and Transit Signal Systems
6320 Shipboard Alarm and Signal Systems
6330 Railroad Signal and Warning Devices
6340 Aircraft Alarm and Signal Systems
6350 Misc Alarm, Signal and Security Systems

6505 Drugs & Biologicals
6506 Blood
6507 Blood Derivatives
6508 Medicated Cosmetics and Toiletries
6510 Surgical Dressing Materials
6515 Medical & Surgical Instruments, Equip & Supplies
6520 Dental Instruments, Equip and Supplies
6525 X-ray Equip & Sup; Medical, Dental & Vet
6530 Hospital Furniture, Equip, Utensils & Sup
6532 Hospital & Surgical Clothing
6540 Ophthalmic Instruments, Equip & Supplies
6545 Medical Sets, Kits and Outfits
6550 In Vitro Diagnostic Substances, Reagents

6605 Navigational Instruments
6610 Flight Instruments
6615 Automatic Pilot Mechanisms Airborne Gyro
6620 Engine Instruments
6625 Electrical & Elct Meas & Test Instruments
6630 Chemical Analysis Instruments
6635 Physical Properties Testing Equipment
6636 Environmental Chambers and Related Equip
6640 Laboratory Equipment & Supplies
6645 Time Measuring Instruments
6650 Optical Instruments, Test Equip, Comps & Accys
6655 Geophysical Instruments
6660 Meteorological Instruments and Apparatus
6665 Hazard-detecting Instruments & Apparatus
6670 Scales and Balances
6675 Drafting, Surveying & Mapping Instruments
6680 Flow, Level, Motion Measuring Instruments
6685 Pressure, Temperature & Humidity Instruments
6695 Combination & Miscellaneous Instruments

6710 Cameras, Motion Picture
6720 Cameras, Still Picture
6730 Photographic Projection Equipment
6740 Photo Developlng and Finishing Equip
6750 Photographic Supplies
6760 Photographic Equipment and Accessories
6770 Film, Processed
6780 Photographic Sets, Kits and Outfits

6810 Chemicals
6820 Dyes
6830 Gases, Compressed and Liquefied
6840 Pest Control Agents and Disinfectants
6850 Miscellaneous Chemical Specialties

6910 Training Aids
6920 Armament Training Devices
6930 Operational Training Devices
6940 Communication Training Devices

7010 ADPE Configuration
7020 ADP Central Processing Unit - Analog
7021 ADP Central Processing Unit - Digital
7022 ADP Central Processing Unit - Hybrid
7025 ADP Input/Output and Storage Devices
7030 ADP Software
7035 ADP Support Equip
7040 Punched Card Equip
7042 Mini & Micro Computer Control Devices
7045 ADP Supplies
7050 ADP Components

7105 Household Furniture
7110 Office Furniture
7125 Cabinets, Lockers, Bins and Shelving
7195 Miscellaneous Furniture and Fixtures

7210 Household Furnishings
7220 Floor Coverings
7230 Draperies, Awnings and Shades
7240 Household and Commercial Util Containers
7290 Misc Household Coml Furnishings Appliances

7310 Food Cooking Baking Serving Equip
7320 Kitchen Equipment and Appliances
7330 Kitchen Hand Tools and Utensils
7340 Cutlery and Flatware
7350 Tableware
7360 Sets, Kits, Outfits, & Modules, Food Prep & Servng

7420 Accounting and Calculating Machines
7430 Typewriters & Office Type Composing Mach
7435 Office Information System Equipment
7450 Office Type Sound Recording Repro Mach
7460 Visible Record Equipment
7490 Miscellaneous Office Machines

7510 Office Supplies
7520 Office Devices and Accessories
7530 Stationery and Record Forms
7540 Standard Forms

7610 Books and Pamphlets
7630 Newspapers and Periodicals
7640 Maps, Atlases Charts and Globes
7650 Drawings and Specifications
7660 Sheet and Book Music
7670 Microfilm Processed
7690 Miscellaneous Printed Matter

7710 Musical Instruments
7720 Musical Instrument Parts and Accessories
7730 Phonographs, Radios, TV Sets: Home Type
7740 Phonograph Records

7810 Athletic and Sporting Equipment
7820 Games, Toys and Wheeled Goods
7830 Recreational and Gymnastic Equipment

7910 Floor Polishers and Vacuum Cleaners
7920 Brooms, Brushes, Mops and Sponges
7930 Cleaning & Polishing Compounds & Preps

8010 Paints, Dopes, Varnishes & Related Product
8020 Paint and Artists' Brushes
8030 Preservative and Sealing Compounds
8040 Adhesives

8105 Bags and Sacks
8110 Drums and Cans
8115 Boxes, Cartons and Crates
8120 Commercial & Industrial Gas Cylinders
8125 Bottles and Jars
8130 Reels and Spools
8135 Packaging and Packing Bulk Materials
8140 Ammunition & Nuclear Ordnance Containers
8145 Specialized Shipping & Storage Containers

8305 Textile Fabrics
8310 Yarn and Thread
8315 Notions and Apparel Findings
8320 Padding and Stuffing Materials
8325 Fur Materials
8330 Leather
8335 Shoe Findings and Soling Materials
8340 Tents and Tarpaulins
8345 Flags and Pennants

8405 Outerwear, Men's
8410 Outerwear, Women's
8415 Clothing, Special Purpose
8420 Underwear and Nightwear, Men's
8425 Underwear and Nightwear, Women's
8430 Footwear, Men's
8435 Footwear, Women's
8440 Hosiery, Handwear & Clothing Accy, Men's
8445 Hosiery Handwear & Clothing Accy, Women's
8450 Children's & Infant's Apparel & Accy
8455 Badges and Insignia
8460 Luggage
8465 Individual Equipment
8470 Armor, Personal
8475 Specilized Flight Clothing & Accessories

8510 Perfumes, Toilet Preparations and Powders
8520 Toilet Soap, Shaving Prep & Dentifrices
8530 Personal Toiletry Articles
8540 Toiletry Paper Products

8710 Forage and Feed
8720 Fertilizers
8730 Seeds and Nursery Stock

8810 Live Animals, Raised for Food
8820 Live Animals, Not Raised for Food

8905 Meat, Poultry and Fish
8910 Dairy Foods and Eggs
8915 Fruits and Vegetables
8920 Bakery and Cereal Products
8925 Sugar, Confectionery and Nuts
8930 Jams, Jellies and Preserves
8935 Soups and Bouillons
8940 Special Dietary Foods & Specialty Prep
8945 Food, Oils and Fats
8950 Condiments and Related Products
8955 Coffee, Tea and Cocoa
8960 Beverages, Nonalcoholic
8965 Beverages, Alcoholic
8970 Composite Food Packages
8975 Tobacco Products
8999 Food Items for Resale

9110 Fuels, Solid
9130 Liquid Propellants & Fuel, Petroleum Base
9135 Liquid Propellant Fuels, Chemical Base
9140 Fuel Oils
9150 Oils & Greases: Cutting, Lubr & Hydraulic
9160 Miscellaneous Waxes, Oils and Fats

9310 Paper and Paperboard
9320 Rubber Fabricated Materials
9330 Plastics Fabricated Materials
9340 Glass Fabricated Materials
9350 Refractories & Fire Surfacing Materials
9390 Misc Fabricated Nonmetallic Materials

9410 Crude Grades of Plant Materials
9420 Fibers: Vegetable, Animal and Synthetic
9430 Misc Crude Animal Products, Inedible
9440 Misc Crude Agricultural & Forestry Prod
9450 Nonmetallic Scrap, Except Textile

9505 Wire, Nonelectrical, Iron and Steel
9510 Bars and Rods, Iron and Steel
9515 Plate, Sheet, Strip & Foil: Iron and Steel
9520 Structural Shapes, Iron and Steel
9525 Wire, Nonelectrical, Nonferrous Base Metal
9530 Bars and Rods, Nonferrous Base Metal
9535 Plate, Sheet, Strip, & Foil: Nonferrous Metal
9540 Structural Shapes, Nonferrous Base Metal
9545 Plate, Sheet, Strip, Foil, & Wire: Precious Metal

9610 Ores
9620 Minerals, Natural and Synthetic
9630 Additive Metal Materials & Master Alloys
9640 Iron & Steel Primary & Semifinished Prod
9650 Nonferrous Base Metal Refinery
9660 Precious Metals Primary Forms
9670 Iron and Steel Scrap
9680 Nonferrous Metal Scrap

9905 Signs, Advertizing Displays, Ident Plates
9910 Jewelry
9915 Collectors and/or Historical Items
9920 Smokers' Articles and Matches
9925 Ecclesiastical Equip, Furnishings & Sup
9930 Memorials; Cemeterial & Mortuary Eq & Sup
9998 Nonfood Items for Resale
9999 Miscellaneous Items

AA11 RDTE/Agr-Insect & Disease Cntl-Basic Research
AA12 RDTE/Agr-Insect & Disease Cntl-Exploratory Develop
AA13 RDTE/Agr-Insect & Disease Cntl-Advanced Develop
AA14 RDTE/Agr-Insect & Disease Cntl-Engineering Develop
AA15 RDTE/Agr-Insect & Disease Cntl-Op Systems Develop
AA16 RDTE/Agr-Insect & Disease Cntl-Mgmt & Support
AA17 RDTE/Agr-Insect & Disease Cntl-Op Systems Develop
AA21 RDTE/Agriculture Marketing-Basic Research
AA22 RDTE/Agriculture Marketing-Exploratory Development
AA23 RDTE/Agriculture Marketing-Advanced Development
AA24 RDTE/Agriculture Marketing-Engineering Development
AA25 RDTE/Agriculture Marketing-Operational Sys Develop
AA26 RDTE/Agriculture Marketing-Management & Support
AA27 RDTE/Agriculture Marketing-Operational Sys Develop
AA31 RDTE/Agriculture Production-Basic Research
AA32 RDTE/Agriculture Production-Exploratory Develop
AA33 RDTE/Agriculture Production-Advanced Development
AA34 RDTE/Agriculture Production-Engineering Develop
AA35 RDTE/Agriculture Production-Op Systems Development
AA36 RDTE/Agriculture Production-Management & Support
AA37 RDTE/Agriculture Production-Op Systems Development
AA41 RDTE/Aquaculture & Hydroponics-Basic Research
AA42 RDTE/Aquaculture & Hydroponics-Exploratory Develop
AA43 RDTE/Aquaculture & Hydroponics-Advanced Develop
AA44 RDTE/Aquaculture & Hydroponics-Engineering Develop
AA45 RDTE/Aquaculture & Hydroponics-Op Systems Develop
AA46 RDTE/Aquaculture & Hydroponics-Mgmt & Support
AA47 RDTE/Aquaculture & Hydroponics-Op Systems Develop
AA91 RDTE/Other Agriculture-Basic Research
AA92 RDTE/Other Agriculture-Exploratory Development
AA93 RDTE/Other Agriculture-Advanced Development
AA94 RDTE/Other Agriculture-Engineering Development
AA95 RDTE/Other Agruculture-Operational Systems Develop
AA96 RDTE/Other Agriculture-Management & Support
AA97 RDTE/Other Agruculture-Operational Systems Develop

AB11 RDTE/Crime Prevention & Control-Basic Research
AB12 RDTE/Crime Prevention & Control-Explor Development
AB13 RDTE/Crime Prevention & Control-Advanced Develop
AB14 RDTE/Crime Prevention & Control-Engr Development
AB15 RDTE/Crime Prevention & Control-Op Systems Develop
AB16 RDTE/Crime Prevention & Control-Mgmt & Support
AB17 RDTE/Crime Prevention & Control-Op Systems Develop
AB21 RDTE/Fire Prevention & Control-Basic Research
AB22 RDTE/Fire Prevention & Control-Exploratory Develop
AB23 RDTE/Fire Prevention & Control-Advanced Develop
AB24 RDTE/Fire Prevention & Control-Engr Development
AB25 RDTE/Fire Prevention & Control-Op Systems Develop
AB26 RDTE/Fire Prevention & Control-Mgmt & Support
AB27 RDTE/Fire Prevention & Control-Op Systems Develop
AB31 RDTE/Rural Svcs & Development-Basic Research
AB32 RDTE/Rural Svcs & Development-Exploratory Develop
AB33 RDTE/Rural Svcs & Development-Advanced Development
AB34 RDTE/Rural Svcs & Development-Engineering Develop
AB35 RDTE/Rural Svcs & Development-Op Systems Develop
AB36 RDTE/Rural Svcs & Development-Mgmt & Support
AB37 RDTE/Rural Svcs & Development-Op Systems Develop
AB41 RDTE/Urban Svcs & Development-Basic Research
AB42 RDTE/Urban Svcs & Development-Exploratory Develop
AB43 RDTE/Urban Svcs & Development-Advanced Development
AB44 RDTE/Urban Svcs & Development-Engr Development
AB45 RDTE/Urban Svcs & Development-Op Systems Develop
AB46 RDTE/Urban Svcs & Development-Mgmt & Support
AB47 RDTE/Urban Svcs & Development-Op Systems Develop
AB91 RDTE/Other Community Svcs & Develop-Basic Research
AB92 RDTE/Other Community Svcs & Develop-Explor Develop
AB93 RDTE/Other Community Svcs & Develop-Advanced Dev
AB94 RDTE/Other Community Svcs & Develop-Engr Develop
AB95 RDTE/Other Community Svcs & Develop-Op Sys Develop
AB96 RDTE/Other Community Svcs & Develop-Mgmt & Support
AB97 RDTE/Other Community Svcs & Develop-Op Sys Develop

AC11 RDTE/Aircraft-Basic Research
AC12 RDTE/Aircraft-Exploratory Development
AC13 RDTE/Aircraft-Advanced Development
AC14 RDTE/Aircraft-Engineering Development
AC15 RDTE/Aircraft-Operational Systems Development
AC16 RDTE/Aircraft-Management & Support
AC17 RDTE/Aircraft-Operational Systems Development
AC21 RDTE/Missile and Space Systems-Basic Research
AC22 RDTE/Missile and Space Systems-Exploratory Develop
AC23 RDTE/Missile and Space Systems-Advanced Develop
AC24 RDTE/Missile and Space Systems-Engr Development
AC25 RDTE/Missile and Space Systems-Op Systems Develop
AC26 RDTE/Missile and Space Systems-Mgmt & Support
AC27 RDTE/Missile and Space Systems-Op Systems Develop
AC31 RDTE/Ships-Basic Research
AC32 RDTE/Ships-Exploratory Development
AC33 RDTE/Ships-Advanced Development
AC34 RDTE/Ships-Engineering Development
AC35 RDTE/Ships-Op Systems Development
AC36 RDTE/Ships-Management & Support
AC37 RDTE/Ships-Op Systems Development
AC41 RDTE/Tank - Automotive-Basic Research
AC42 RDTE/Tank - Automotive-Exploratory Development
AC43 RDTE/Tank - Automotive-Advanced Development
AC44 RDTE/Tank - Automotive-Engr Development
AC45 RDTE/Tank - Automotive-Op Systems Development
AC46 RDTE/Tank - Automotive-Management & Support
AC47 RDTE/Tank - Automotive-Op Systems Development
AC51 RDTE/Weapons-Basic Research
AC52 RDTE/Weapons-Exploratory Development
AC53 RDTE/Weapons-Advanced Development
AC54 RDTE/Weapons-Engineering Development
AC55 RDTE/Weapons-Operational Systems Development
AC56 RDTE/Weapons-Management & Support
AC57 RDTE/Weapons-Operational Systems Development
AC61 RDTE/Electronics & Communication Eq-Basic Research
AC62 RDTE/Electronics & Communication Eq-Explor Develop
AC63 RDTE/Electronics & Communication Eq-Advanced Dev
AC64 RDTE/Electronics & Communication Eq-Engr Develop
AC65 RDTE/Electronics & Communication Eq-Op Systems Dev
AC66 RDTE/Electronics & Communication Eq-Mgmt & Support
AC67 RDTE/Electronics & Communication Eq-Op Systems Dev
AC91 RDTE/Misc Hard Goods-Basic Research
AC92 RDTE/Misc Hard Goods-Exploratory Development
AC93 RDTE/Misc Hard Goods-Advanced Development
AC94 RDTE/Misc Hard Goods-Engr Development
AC95 RDTE/Misc Hard Goods-Op Systems Development
AC96 RDTE/Misc Hard Goods-Mgmt & Support
AC97 RDTE/Misc Hard Goods-Op Systems Development

AD11 RDTE/Ammunition-Basic Research
AD12 RDTE/Ammunition-Exploratory Development
AD13 RDTE/Ammunition-Advanced Development
AD14 RDTE/Ammunition-Engineering Development
AD15 RDTE/Ammunition-Operational Systems Development
AD16 RDTE/Ammunition-Management & Support
AD17 RDTE/Ammunition-Operational Systems Development
AD21 RDTE/Services-Basic Research
AD22 RDTE/Services-Exploratory Development
AD23 RDTE/Services-Advanced Development
AD24 RDTE/Services-Engineering Development
AD25 RDTE/Services-Operational Systems Development
AD26 RDTE/Services-Management & Support
AD27 RDTE/Services-Operational Systems Development
AD31 RDTE/Subsistence-Basic Research
AD32 RDTE/Subsistence-Exploratory Development
AD33 RDTE/Subsistence-Advanced Development
AD34 RDTE/Subsistence-Engineering Development
AD35 RDTE/Subsistence-Operational Systems Development
AD36 RDTE/Subsistence-Management & Support
AD37 RDTE/Subsistence-Operational Systems Development
AD41 RDTE/Textiles, Clothing, Equipage-Basic Research
AD42 RDTE/Textiles, Clothing, Equipage-Explor Develop
AD43 RDTE/Textiles, Clothing, Equipage-Advanced Develop
AD44 RDTE/Textiles, Clothing, Equipage-Engr Development
AD45 RDTE/Textiles, Clothing, Equipage-Op Systems Dev
AD46 RDTE/Textiles, Clothing, Equipage-Mgmt & Support
AD47 RDTE/Textiles, Clothing, Equipage-Op Systems Dev
AD51 RDTE/Fuels and Lubricants-Basic Research
AD52 RDTE/Fuels and Lubricants-Exploratory Development
AD53 RDTE/Fuels and Lubricants-Advanced Development
AD54 RDTE/Fuels and Lubricants-Engr Development
AD55 RDTE/Fuels and Lubricants-Operational Systems Dev
AD56 RDTE/Fuels and Lubricants-Management & Support
AD57 RDTE/Fuels and Lubricants-Operational Systems Dev
AD61 RDTE/Construction-Basic Research
AD62 RDTE/Construction-Exploratory Development
AD63 RDTE/Construction-Advanced Development
AD64 RDTE/Construction-Engineering Development
AD65 RDTE/Construction-Operational Systems Development
AD66 RDTE/Construction-Management & Support
AD67 RDTE/Construction-Operational Systems Development
AD91 RDTE/Other Defense-Basic Research
AD92 RDTE/Other Defense-Exploratory Development
AD93 RDTE/Other Defense-Advanced Development
AD94 RDTE/Other Defense-Engineering Development
AD95 RDTE/Other Defense-Operational Systems Development
AD96 RDTE/Other Defense-Management & Support
AD97 RDTE/Other Defense-Operational Systems Development

AE11 RDTE/Emplymnt Growth & Productivity-Basic Research
AE12 RDTE/Emplymnt Growth & Productivity-Explor Develop
AE13 RDTE/Emplymnt Growth & Productivity-Advanced Dev
AE14 RDTE/Emplymnt Growth & Productivity-Engr Develop
AE15 RDTE/Emplymnt Growth & Productivity-Op Systems Dev
AE16 RDTE/Emplymnt Growth & Productivity-Mgmt & Support
AE17 RDTE/Emplymnt Growth & Productivity-Op Systems Dev
AE21 RDTE/Product or Srvc Improvement-Basic Research
AE22 RDTE/Product or Srvc Improvement-Explor Develop
AE23 RDTE/Product or Srvc Improvement-Advanced Develop
AE24 RDTE/Product or Srvc Imporvement-Engr Development
AE25 RDTE/Product or Srvc Improvement-Op Systems Dev
AE26 RDTE/Product or Srvc Imporvement-Mgmt & Support
AE27 RDTE/Product or Srvc Improvement-Op Systems Dev
AE31 RDTE/Manufacturing Technology-Basic Research
AE32 RDTE/Manufacturing Technology-Exploratory Develop
AE33 RDTE/Manufacturing Technology-Advanced Development
AE34 RDTE/Manufacturing Technology-Engr Development
AE35 RDTE/Manufacturing Technology-Op Systems Develop
AE36 RDTE/Manufacturing Technology-Mgmt & Support
AE37 RDTE/Manufacturing Technology-Op Systems Develop
AE91 RDTE/Other Econ Growth&Productivity-Basic Research
AE92 RDTE/Other Econ Growth&Productivity-Explor Develop
AE93 RDTE/Other Econ Growth&Productivity-Advanced Dev
AE94 RDTE/Other Econ Growth&Productivity-Engr Develop
AE95 RDTE/Other Econ Growth&Productivity-Op Systems Dev
AE96 RDTE/Other Econ Growth&Productivity-Mgmt & Support
AE97 RDTE/Other Econ Growth&Productivity-Op Systems Dev

AF11 RDTE/Education-Basic Research
AF12 RDTE/Education-Exploratory Development
AF13 RDTE/Education-Advanced Development
AF14 RDTE/Education-Engineering Development
AF15 RDTE/Education-Operational Systems Development
AF16 RDTE/Education-Management & Support
AF17 RDTE/Education-Operational Systems Development

AG11 RDTE/Energy - Coal - Basic Research
AG12 RDTE/Energy - Coal - Exploratory Development
AG13 RDTE/Energy - Coal - Advanced Development
AG14 RDTE/Energy - Coal - Engineering Development
AG15 RDTE/Energy - Coal - Operational Systems Develop
AG16 RDTE/Energy - Coal - Management & Support
AG17 RDTE/Energy - Coal - Operational Systems Develop
AG21 RDTE/Energy - Gas - Basic Research
AG22 RDTE/Energy - Gas - Exploratory Development
AG23 RDTE/Energy - Gas - Advanced Development
AG24 RDTE/Energy - Gas - Engineering Development
AG25 RDTE/Energy - Gas - Operational Systems Develop
AG26 RDTE/Energy - Gas - Management & Support
AG27 RDTE/Energy - Gas - Operational Systems Develop
AG31 RDTE/Energy - Geothermal - Basic Research
AG32 RDTE/Energy - Geothermal - Exploratory Development
AG33 RDTE/Energy - Geothermal - Advanced Development
AG34 RDTE/Energy - Geothermal - Engineering Development
AG35 RDTE/Energy - Geothermal - Operational Systems Dev
AG36 RDTE/Energy - Geothermal - Management & Support
AG37 RDTE/Energy - Geothermal - Operational Systems Dev
AG41 RDTE/Energy - Wind - Basic Research
AG42 RDTE/Energy - Wind - Exploratory Development
AG43 RDTE/Energy - Wind - Advanced Development
AG44 RDTE/Energy - Wind - Engineering Development
AG45 RDTE/Energy - Wind - Operational Systems Develop
AG46 RDTE/Energy - Wind - Management & Support
AG47 RDTE/Energy - Wind - Operational Systems Develop
AG51 RDTE/Energy - Nuclear - Basic Research
AG52 RDTE/Energy - Nuclear - Exploratory Development
AG53 RDTE/Energy - Nuclear - Advanced Development
AG54 RDTE/Energy - Nuclear - Engineering Development
AG55 RDTE/Energy - Nuclear - Operational Systems Dev
AG56 RDTE/Energy - Nuclear - Management & Support
AG57 RDTE/Energy - Nuclear - Operational Systems Dev
AG61 RDTE/Energy - Petroleum - Basic Research
AG62 RDTE/Energy - Petroleum - Exploratory Development
AG63 RDTE/Energy - Petroleum - Advanced Development
AG64 RDTE/Energy - Petroleum - Engineering Development
AG65 RDTE/Energy - Petroleum - Operational Systems Dev
AG66 RDTE/Energy - Petroleum - Management & Support
AG67 RDTE/Energy - Petroleum - Operational Systems Dev
AG71 RDTE/Energy - Solar - Basic Research
AG72 RDTE/Energy - Solar - Exploratory Development
AG73 RDTE/Energy - Solar - Advanced Development
AG74 RDTE/Energy - Solar - Engineering Development
AG75 RDTE/Energy - Solar - Operational Systems Develop
AG76 RDTE/Energy - Solar - Management & Support
AG77 RDTE/Energy - Solar - Operational Systems Develop
AG81 RDTE/Conservation of Energy - Basic Research
AG82 RDTE/Conservation of Energy - Exploratory Develop
AG83 RDTE/Conservation of Energy - Advanced Development
AG84 RDTE/Conservation of Energy - Engineering Develop
AG85 RDTE/Conservation of Energy - Operational Sys Dev
AG86 RDTE/Conservation of Energy - Management & Support
AG87 RDTE/Conservation of Energy - Operational Sys Dev
AG91 RDTE/Other Energy - Basic Research
AG92 RDTE/Other Energy - Exploratory Development
AG93 RDTE/Other Energy - Advanced Development
AG94 RDTE/Other Energy - Engineering Development
AG95 RDTE/Other Energy - Operational Systems Develop
AG96 RDTE/Other Energy - Management & Support
AG97 RDTE/Other Energy - Operational Systems Develop

AH11 RDTE/Pollution Cntl & Abatement-Basic Research
AH12 RDTE/Pollution Cntl & Abatement-Exploratory Dev
AH13 RDTE/Pollution Cntl & Abatement-Advanced Develop
AH14 RDTE/Pollution Cntl & Abatement-Engineering Dev
AH15 RDTE/Pollution Cntl & Abatement-Op Systems Develop
AH16 RDTE/Pollution Cntl & Abatement-Mgmt & Support
AH17 RDTE/Pollution Cntl & Abatement-Op Systems Develop
AH21 RDTE/Air Pollution-Basic Research
AH22 RDTE/Air Pollution-Exploratory Development
AH23 RDTE/Air Pollution-Advanced Development
AH24 RDTE/Air Pollution-Engineering Development
AH25 RDTE/Air Pollution-Operational Systems Development
AH26 RDTE/Air Pollution-Management & Support
AH27 RDTE/Air Pollution-Operational Systems Development
AH31 RDTE/Water Pollution-Basic Research
AH32 RDTE/Water Pollution-Exploratory Development
AH33 RDTE/Water Pollution-Advanced Development
AH34 RDTE/Water Pollution-Engineering Development
AH35 RDTE/Water Pollution-Operational Systems Develop
AH36 RDTE/Water Pollution-Management & Support
AH37 RDTE/Water Pollution-Operational Systems Develop
AH41 RDTE/Noise Pollution-Basic Research
AH42 RDTE/Noise Pollution-Exploratory Development
AH43 RDTE/Noise Pollution-Advanced Development
AH44 RDTE/Noise Pollution-Engineering Development
AH45 RDTE/Noise Pollution-Operational Systems Develop
AH46 RDTE/Noise Pollution-Management & Support
AH47 RDTE/Noise Pollution-Operational Systems Develop
AH91 RDTE/Other Environmental Protection-Basic Research
AH92 RDTE/Other Environmental Protection-Explor Develop
AH93 RDTE/Other Environmental Protection-Advanced Dev
AH94 RDTE/Other Environmental Protection-Engr Develop
AH95 RDTE/Other Environmental Protection-Op Systems Dev
AH96 RDTE/Other Environmental Protection-Mgmt & Support
AH97 RDTE/Other Environmental Protection-Op Systems Dev

AJ11 RDTE/Physical Sciences - Basic Research
AJ12 RDTE/Physical Sciences - Exploratory Development
AJ13 RDTE/Physical Sciences - Advanced Development
AJ14 RDTE/Physical Sciences - Engineering Development
AJ15 RDTE/Physical Sciences - Operational Systems Dev
AJ16 RDTE/Physical Sciences - Management & Support
AJ17 RDTE/Physical Sciences - Operational Systems Dev
AJ21 RDTE/Math & Computer Sciences - Basic Research
AJ22 RDTE/Math & Computer Sciences - Explor Develop
AJ23 RDTE/Math & Computer Sciences - Advanced Develop
AJ24 RDTE/Math & Computer Sciences - Engr Development
AJ25 RDTE/Math & Computer Sciences - Op Systems Develop
AJ26 RDTE/Math & Computer Sciences - Mgmt & Support
AJ27 RDTE/Math & Computer Sciences - Op Systems Develop
AJ31 RDTE/Environmental Sciences - Basic Research
AJ32 RDTE/Environmental Sciences - Explor Development
AJ33 RDTE/Environmental Sciences - Advanced Development
AJ34 RDTE/Environmental Sciences - Engineering Develop
AJ35 RDTE/Environmental Sciences - Op Systems Develop
AJ36 RDTE/Environmental Sciences - Management & Support
AJ37 RDTE/Environmental Sciences - Op Systems Develop
AJ41 RDTE/Engineering Sciences - Basic Research
AJ42 RDTE/Engineering Sciences - Exploratory Develop
AJ43 RDTE/Engineering Sciences - Advanced Development
AJ44 RDTE/Engineering Sciences - Engineering Develop
AJ45 RDTE/Engineering Sciences - Operational Sys Dev
AJ46 RDTE/Engineering Sciences - Management & Support
AJ47 RDTE/Engineering Sciences - Operational Sys Dev
AJ51 RDTE/Life Sciences - Basic Research
AJ52 RDTE/Life Sciences - Exploratory Development
AJ53 RDTE/Life Sciences - Advanced Development
AJ54 RDTE/Life Sciences - Engineering Development
AJ55 RDTE/Life Sciences - Operational Systems Develop
AJ56 RDTE/Life Sciences - Management & Support
AJ57 RDTE/Life Sciences - Operational Systems Develop
AJ61 RDTE/Psychological Sciences - Basic Research
AJ62 RDTE/Psychological Sciences - Exploratory Develop
AJ63 RDTE/Psychological Sciences - Advanced Development
AJ64 RDTE/Psychological Sciences - Engineering Develop
AJ65 RDTE/Psychological Sciences - Operational Sys Dev
AJ66 RDTE/Psychological Sciences - Management & Support
AJ67 RDTE/Psychological Sciences - Operational Sys Dev
AJ71 RDTE/Social Sciences - Basic Research
AJ72 RDTE/Social Sciences - Exploratory Development
AJ73 RDTE/Social Sciences - Advanced Development
AJ74 RDTE/Social Sciences - Engineering Development
AJ75 RDTE/Social Sciences - Operational Systems Develop
AJ76 RDTE/Social Sciences - Management & Support
AJ77 RDTE/Social Sciences - Operational Systems Develop
AJ91 RDTE/Other Sciences - Basic Research
AJ92 RDTE/Other Sciences - Exploratory Development
AJ93 RDTE/Other Sciences - Advanced Development
AJ94 RDTE/Other Sciences - Engineering Development
AJ95 RDTE/Other Sciences - Operational Systems Develop
AJ96 RDTE/Other Sciences - Management & Support
AJ97 RDTE/Other Sciences - Operational Systems Develop

AK11 RDTE/Housing - Basic Research
AK12 RDTE/Housing - Exploratory Development
AK13 RDTE/Housing - Advanced Development
AK14 RDTE/Housing - Engineering Development
AK15 RDTE/Housing - Operational Systems Development
AK16 RDTE/Housing - Management & Support
AK17 RDTE/Housing - Operational Systems Development

AL11 RDTE/Employment-Basic Research
AL12 RDTE/Employment-Exploratory Development
AL13 RDTE/Employment-Advanced Development
AL14 RDTE/Employment-Engineering Development
AL15 RDTE/Employment-Operational Systems Development
AL16 RDTE/Employment-Management & Support
AL17 RDTE/Employment-Operational Systems Development
AL21 RDTE/Income Maintenance-Basic Research
AL22 RDTE/Income Maintenance-Exploratory Development
AL23 RDTE/Income Maintenance-Advanced Development
AL24 RDTE/Income Maintenance-Engineering Development
AL25 RDTE/Income Maintenance-Operational Systems Dev
AL26 RDTE/Income Maintenance-Management & Support
AL27 RDTE/Income Maintenance-Operational Systems Dev
AL91 RDTE/Other Income Security-Basic Research
AL92 RDTE/Other Income Security-Exploratory Development
AL93 RDTE/Other Income Security-Advanced Development
AL94 RDTE/Other Income Security-Engineering Development
AL95 RDTE/Other Income Security-Operational Systems Dev
AL96 RDTE/Other Income Security-Management & Support
AL97 RDTE/Other Income Security-Operational Systems Dev

AM11 RDTE/Int'l Affairs & Cooperation-Basic Research
AM12 RDTE/Int'l Affairs & Cooperation-Exploratory Dev
AM13 RDTE/Int'l Affairs & Cooperation-Advanced Develop
AM14 RDTE/Int'l Affairs & Cooperation-Engineering Dev
AM15 RDTE/Int'l Affairs & Cooperation-Op Systems Dev
AM16 RDTE/Int'l Affairs & Cooperation-Mgmt & Support
AM17 RDTE/Int'l Affairs & Cooperation-Op Systems Dev

AN11 RDTE/Biomedical - Basic Research
AN12 RDTE/Biomedical - Exploratory Development
AN13 RDTE/Biomedical - Advanced Development
AN14 RDTE/Biomedical - Engineering Development
AN15 RDTE/Biomedical - Operational Systems Development
AN16 RDTE/Biomedical - Management & Support
AN17 RDTE/Biomedical - Operational Systems Development
AN21 RDTE/Dependency - Drugs - Basic Research
AN22 RDTE/Dependency - Drugs - Exploratory Development
AN23 RDTE/Dependency - Drugs - Advanced Development
AN24 RDTE/Dependency - Drugs - Engineering Development
AN25 RDTE/Dependency - Drugs - Operational Systems Dev
AN26 RDTE/Dependency - Drugs - Management & Support
AN27 RDTE/Dependency - Drugs - Operational Systems Dev
AN31 RDTE/Dependency - Alcohol - Basic Research
AN32 RDTE/Dependency - Alcohol - Exploratory Develop
AN33 RDTE/Dependency - Alcohol - Advanced Development
AN34 RDTE/Dependency - Alcohol - Engineering Develop
AN35 RDTE/Dependency - Alcohol - Operational Sys Dev
AN36 RDTE/Dependency - Alcohol - Management & Support
AN37 RDTE/Dependency - Alcohol - Operational Sys Dev
AN41 RDTE/Health Services - Basic Research
AN42 RDTE/Health Services - Exploratory Development
AN43 RDTE/Health Services - Advanced Development
AN44 RDTE/Health Services - Engineering Development
AN45 RDTE/Health Services - Operational Systems Develop
AN46 RDTE/Health Services - Management & Support
AN47 RDTE/Health Services - Operational Systems Develop
AN51 RDTE/Mental Health - Basic Research
AN52 RDTE/Mental Health - Exploratory Development
AN53 RDTE/Mental Health - Advanced Development
AN54 RDTE/Mental Health - Engineering Development
AN55 RDTE/Mental Health - Operational Systems Develop
AN56 RDTE/Mental Health - Management & Support
AN57 RDTE/Mental Health - Operational Systems Develop
AN61 RDTE/Rehabilitative Engineering-Basic Research
AN62 RDTE/Rehabilitative Engineering-Explor Development
AN63 RDTE/Rehabilitative Engineering-Advanced Develop
AN64 RDTE/Rehabilitative Engineering-Engr Development
AN65 RDTE/Rehabilitative Engineering-Op Systems Develop
AN66 RDTE/Rehabilitative Engineering-Mgmt & Support
AN67 RDTE/Rehabilitative Engineering-Op Systems Develop
AN71 RDTE/Specialized Services - Basic Research
AN72 RDTE/Specialized Services - Exploratory Develop
AN73 RDTE/Specialized Services - Advanced Development
AN74 RDTE/Specialized Services - Engineering Develop
AN75 RDTE/Specialized Services - Operational Sys Dev
AN76 RDTE/Specialized Services - Management & Support
AN77 RDTE/Specialized Services - Operational Sys Dev
AN81 RDTE/Aids Research - Basic Research
AN82 RDTE/Aids Research - Exploratory Development
AN83 RDTE/Aids Research - Advanced Development
AN84 RDTE/Aids Research - Engineering Development
AN85 RDTE/Aids Research - Operational Systems Develop
AN86 RDTE/Aids Research - Management & Support
AN87 RDTE/Aids Research - Operational Systems Develop
AN91 RDTE/Other Medical - Basic Research
AN92 RDTE/Other Medical - Exploratory Development
AN93 RDTE/Other Medical - Advanced Development
AN94 RDTE/Other Medical - Engineering Development
AN95 RDTE/Other Medical - Operational Systems Develop
AN96 RDTE/Other Medical - Management & Support
AN97 RDTE/Other Medical - Operational Systems Develop

AP21 RDTE/Natural Resources - Land - Basic Research
AP22 RDTE/Natural Resources - Land - Explor Development
AP23 RDTE/Natural Resources - Land - Advanced Develop
AP24 RDTE/Natural Resources - Land - Engineering Dev
AP25 RDTE/Natural Resources - Land - Op Systems Develop
AP26 RDTE/Natural Resources - Land - Mgmt & Support
AP27 RDTE/Natural Resources - Land - Op Systems Develop
AP31 RDTE/Natural Resources - Mineral - Basic Research
AP32 RDTE/Natural Resources - Mineral - Explor Develop
AP33 RDTE/Natural Resources - Mineral - Advanced Dev
AP34 RDTE/Natural Resources - Mineral - Engineering Dev
AP35 RDTE/Natural Resources - Mineral - Op Systems Dev
AP36 RDTE/Natural Resources - Mineral - Mgmt & Support
AP37 RDTE/Natural Resources - Mineral - Op Systems Dev
AP41 RDTE/Natural Resources-Recreation-Basic Research
AP42 RDTE/Natural Resources-Recreation-Exploratory Dev
AP43 RDTE/Natural Resources-Recreation-Advanced Develop
AP44 RDTE/Natural Resources-Recreation-Engineering Dev
AP45 RDTE/Natural Resources-Recreation-Op Systems Dev
AP46 RDTE/Natural Resources-Recreation-Mgmt & Support
AP47 RDTE/Natural Resources-Recreation-Op Systems Dev
AP51 RDTE/Natural Resources-Marine-Basic Research
AP52 RDTE/Natural Resources-Marine-Exploratory Develop
AP53 RDTE/Natural Resources-Marine-Advanced Development
AP54 RDTE/Natural Resources-Marine-Engineering Develop
AP55 RDTE/Natural Resources-Marine-Operational Sys Dev
AP56 RDTE/Natural Resources-Marine-Management & Support
AP57 RDTE/Natural Resources-Marine-Operational Sys Dev
AP61 RDTE/Marine Fisheries - Basic Research
AP62 RDTE/Marine Fisheries - Exploratory Development
AP63 RDTE/Marine Fisheries - Advanced Development
AP64 RDTE/Marine Fisheries - Engineering Development
AP65 RDTE/Marine Fisheries - Operational Systems Dev
AP66 RDTE/Marine Fisheries - Management & Support
AP67 RDTE/Marine Fisheries - Operational Systems Dev
AP71 RDTE/Natural Resources-Atmospheric-Basic Research
AP72 RDTE/Natural Resources-Atmospheric-Explor Develop
AP73 RDTE/Natural Resources-Atmospheric-Advanced Dev
AP74 RDTE/Natural Resources-Atmospheric-Engr Develop
AP75 RDTE/Natural Resources-Atmospheric-Op Systems Dev
AP76 RDTE/Natural Resources-Atmospheric-Mgmt & Support
AP77 RDTE/Natural Resources-Atmospheric-Op Systems Dev
AP91 RDTE/Natural Resources-Other-Basic Research
AP92 RDTE/Natural Resources-Other-Exploratory Develop
AP93 RDTE/Natural Resources-Other-Advanced Development
AP94 RDTE/Natural Resources-Other-Engineering Develop
AP95 RDTE/Natural Resources-Other-Operational Sys Dev
AP96 RDTE/Natural Resources-Other-Management & Support
AP97 RDTE/Natural Resources-Other-Operational Sys Dev

AQ11 RDTE/Social Services-Geriatric-Basic Research
AQ12 RDTE/Social Services-Geriatric-Exploratory Develop
AQ13 RDTE/Social Services-Geriatric-Advanced Develop
AQ14 RDTE/Social Services-Geriatric-Engineering Develop
AQ15 RDTE/Social Services-Geriatric-Op Systems Develop
AQ16 RDTE/Social Services-Geriatric-Mgmt & Support
AQ17 RDTE/Social Services-Geriatric-Op Systems Develop
AQ91 RDTE/Social Services-Other-Basic Research
AQ92 RDTE/Social Services-Other-Exploratory Development
AQ93 RDTE/Social Services-Other-Advanced Development
AQ94 RDTE/Social Services-Other-Engineering Development
AQ95 RDTE/Social Services-Other-Operational Sys Develop
AQ96 RDTE/Social Services-Other-Management & Support
AQ97 RDTE/Social Services-Other-Operational Sys Develop

AR11 RDTE/Space - Aeronautics - Basic Research
AR12 RDTE/Space - Aeronautics - Exploratory Development
AR13 RDTE/Space - Aeronautics - Advanced Development
AR14 RDTE/Space - Aeronautics - Engineering Development
AR15 RDTE/Space - Aeronautics - Operational Sys Develop
AR16 RDTE/Space - Aeronautics - Management & Support
AR17 RDTE/Space - Aeronautics - Operational Sys Develop
AR21 RDTE/Space-Science Applications-Basic Research
AR22 RDTE/Space-Science Applications-Explor Development
AR23 RDTE/Space-Science Applications-Advanced Develop
AR24 RDTE/Space-Science Applications-Engineering Dev
AR25 RDTE/Space-Science Applications-Op Systems Develop
AR26 RDTE/Space-Science Applications-Mgmt & Support
AR27 RDTE/Space-Science Applications-Op Systems Develop
AR31 RDTE/Space Flight - Basic Research
AR32 RDTE/Space Flight - Exploratory Development
AR33 RDTE/Space Flight - Advanced Development
AR34 RDTE/Space Flight - Engineering Development
AR35 RDTE/Space Flight - Operations Systems Development
AR36 RDTE/Space Flight - Management & Support
AR37 RDTE/Space Flight - Operations Systems Development
AR41 RDTE/Space Op - Tracking & Data Acq-Basic Research
AR42 RDTE/Space Op - Applied Research & Expl Develop
AR43 RDTE/Space Op - Trckng & Data Acq-Advanced Develop
AR44 RDTE/Space Op - Trckng & Data Acq-Engineering Dev
AR45 RDTE/Space Op-Trckng & Data Acq-Op Systems Develop
AR46 RDTE/Space Op-Tracking & Data Acq-Mgmt & Support
AR47 RDTE/Space Op-Trckng & Data Acq-Op Systems Develop
AR61 RDTE/Space-Station-Basic Research
AR62 RDTE/Space-Station-Exploratory Development
AR63 RDTE/Space-Station-Advanced Development
AR64 RDTE/Space-Station-Engineering Development
AR65 RDTE/Space-Station-Operational Systems Development
AR66 RDTE/Space-Station-Management & Support
AR67 RDTE/Space-Station-Operational Systems Development
AR71 RDTE/Space-Commercial Programs-Basic Research
AR72 RDTE/Space-Commercial Programs-Exploratory Develop
AR73 RDTE/Space-Commercial Programs-Advanced Develop
AR74 RDTE/Space-Commercial Programs-Engineering Develop
AR75 RDTE/Space-Commercial Programs-Op Systems Develop
AR76 RDTE/Space-Commercial Programs-Mgmt & Support
AR77 RDTE/Space-Commercial Programs-Op Systems Develop
AR91 RDTE/Space - Other - Basic Research
AR92 RDTE/Space - Other - Exploratory Development
AR93 RDTE/Space - Other - Advanced Development
AR94 RDTE/Space - Other - Engineering Development
AR95 RDTE/Space - Other - Operational Systems Develop
AR96 RDTE/Space - Other - Management & Support
AR97 RDTE/Space - Other - Operational Systems Develop

AS11 RDTE/Transportation - Air - Basic Research
AS12 RDTE/Transportation - Air - Exploratory Develop
AS13 RDTE/Transportation - Air - Advanced Development
AS14 RDTE/Transportation - Air - Engineering Develop
AS15 RDTE/Transportation - Air - Op Systems Development
AS16 RDTE/Transportation - Air - Management & Support
AS17 RDTE/Transportation - Air - Op Systems Development
AS21 RDTE/Transportation - Motor Veh - Basic Research
AS22 RDTE/Transportation - Motor Veh - Explor Develop
AS23 RDTE/Transportation - Motor Veh - Advanced Develop
AS24 RDTE/Transportation - Motor Veh - Engineering Dev
AS25 RDTE/Transportation - Motor Veh - Op Systems Dev
AS26 RDTE/Transportation - Motor Veh - Mgmt & Support
AS27 RDTE/Transportation - Motor Veh - Op Systems Dev
AS31 RDTE/Transportation - Rail - Basic Research
AS32 RDTE/Transportation - Rail - Exploratory Develop
AS33 RDTE/Transportation - Rail - Advanced Development
AS34 RDTE/Transportation - Rail - Engineering Develop
AS35 RDTE/Transportation - Rail - Op Systems Develop
AS36 RDTE/Transportation - Rail - Mgmt & Support
AS37 RDTE/Transportation - Rail - Op Systems Develop
AS41 RDTE/Transportation - Marine - Basic Research
AS42 RDTE/Transportation - Marine - Exploratory Develop
AS43 RDTE/Transportation - Marine - Advanced Develop
AS44 RDTE/Transportation - Marine - Engineering Develop
AS45 RDTE/Transportation - Marine - Op Systems Develop
AS46 RDTE/Transportation - Marine - Mgmt & Support
AS47 RDTE/Transportation - Marine - Op Systems Develop
AS91 RDTE/Transportation - Other - Basic Research
AS92 RDTE/Transportation - Other - Exploratory Develop
AS93 RDTE/Transportation - Other - Advanced Development
AS94 RDTE/Transportation - Other - Engineering Develop
AS95 RDTE/Transportation - Other - Operational Sys Dev
AS96 RDTE/Transportation - Other - Management & Support
AS97 RDTE/Transportation - Other - Operational Sys Dev

AT11 RDTE/Trans - Hwys-Roads-Bridges - Basic Research
AT12 RDTE/Trans - Hwys-Roads-Bridges - Explor Develop
AT13 RDTE/Trans - Hwys-Roads-Bridges - Advanced Develop
AT14 RDTE/Trans - Hwys-Roads-Bridges - Engr Development
AT15 RDTE/Trans - Hwys-Roads-Bridges - Op Systems Dev
AT16 RDTE/Trans - Hwys-Roads-Bridges - Mgmt & Support
AT17 RDTE/Trans - Hwys-Roads-Bridges - Op Systems Dev
AT21 RDTE/Trans - Human Factors - Basic Research
AT22 RDTE/Trans - Human Factors - Explor Development
AT23 RDTE/Trans - Human Factors - Advanced Development
AT24 RDTE/Trans - Human Factors - Engineering Develop
AT25 RDTE/Trans - Human Factors - Op Systems Develop
AT26 RDTE/Trans - Human Factors - Mgmt & Support
AT27 RDTE/Trans - Human Factors - Op Systems Develop
AT31 RDTE/Trans - Navigational Aids - Basic Research
AT32 RDTE/Trans - Navigational Aids - Explor Develop
AT33 RDTE/Trans - Navigational Aids - Advanced Develop
AT34 RDTE/Trans - Navigational Aids - Engr Development
AT35 RDTE/Trans - Navigational Aids - Op Systems Dev
AT36 RDTE/Trans - Navigational Aids - Mgmt & Support
AT37 RDTE/Trans - Navigational Aids - Op Systems Dev
AT41 RDTE/Trans - Passenger Safety - Basic Research
AT42 RDTE/Trans - Passenger Safety - Explor Development
AT43 RDTE/Trans - Passenger Safety - Advanced Develop
AT44 RDTE/Trans - Passenger Safety - Engr Development
AT45 RDTE/Trans - Passenger Safety - Op Sys Development
AT46 RDTE/Trans - Passenger Safety - Mgmt & Support
AT47 RDTE/Trans - Passenger Safety - Op Sys Development
AT51 RDTE/Trans - Pipeline Safety - Basic Research
AT52 RDTE/Trans - Pipeline Safety - Exploratory Develop
AT53 RDTE/Trans - Pipeline Safety - Advanced Develop
AT54 RDTE/Trans - Pipeline Safety - Engineering Develop
AT55 RDTE/Trans - Pipeline Safety - Op Systems Develop
AT56 RDTE/Trans - Pipeline Safety - Mgmt & Support
AT57 RDTE/Trans - Pipeline Safety - Op Systems Develop
AT61 RDTE/Trans - Traffic Management - Basic Research
AT62 RDTE/Trans - Traffic Management - Exploratory Dev
AT63 RDTE/Trans - Traffic Management - Advanced Develop
AT64 RDTE/Trans - Traffic Management - Engineering Dev
AT65 RDTE/Trans - Traffic Management - Op Sys Develop
AT66 RDTE/Trans - Traffic Management - Mgmt & Support
AT67 RDTE/Trans - Traffic Management - Op Sys Develop
AT71 RDTE/Trans - Tunnels - Basic Research
AT72 RDTE/Trans - Tunnels - Exploratory Development
AT73 RDTE/Trans - Tunnels - Advanced Development
AT74 RDTE/Trans - Tunnels - Engineering Development
AT75 RDTE/Trans - Tunnels - Operational Systems Develop
AT76 RDTE/Trans - Tunnels - Management & Support
AT77 RDTE/Trans - Tunnels - Operational Systems Develop
AT81 RDTE/Trans - Hazardous Mats - Basic Research
AT82 RDTE/Trans - Hazardous Mats - Exploratory Develop
AT83 RDTE/Trans - Hazardous Mats - Advanced Development
AT84 RDTE/Trans - Hazardous Mats - Engineering Develop
AT85 RDTE/Trans - Hazardous Mats - Operational Sys Dev
AT86 RDTE/Trans - Hazardous Mats - Mgmt & Support
AT87 RDTE/Trans - Hazardous Mats - Operational Sys Dev
AT91 RDTE/Trans - Other - Basic Research
AT92 RDTE/Trans - Other - Exploratory Development
AT93 RDTE/Trans - Other - Advanced Development
AT94 RDTE/Trans - Other - Engineering Development
AT95 RDTE/Trans - Other - Operational Systems Develop
AT96 RDTE/Trans - Other - Management & Support
AT97 RDTE/Trans - Other - Operational Systems Develop

AV11 RDTE/Mining Equipment-Subsurface-Basic Research
AV12 RDTE/Mining Equipment-Subsurface-Explor Develop
AV13 RDTE/Mining Equipment-Subsurface-Advanced Develop
AV14 RDTE/Mining Equipment-Subsurface-Engr Development
AV15 RDTE/Mining Equipment-Subsurface-Op Sys Develop
AV16 RDTE/Mining Equipment-Subsurface-Mgmt & Support
AV17 RDTE/Mining Equipment-Subsurface-Op Sys Develop
AV21 RDTE/Mining Equipment-Surface-Basic Research
AV22 RDTE/Mining Equipment-Surface-Exploratory Develop
AV23 RDTE/Mining Equipment-Surface-Advanced Development
AV24 RDTE/Mining Equipment-Surface-Engineering Develop
AV25 RDTE/Mining Equipment-Surface-Op Systems Develop
AV26 RDTE/Mining Equipment-Surface-Management & Support
AV27 RDTE/Mining Equipment-Surface-Op Systems Develop
AV31 RDTE/Mining Methods-Subsurface-Basic Research
AV32 RDTE/Mining Methods-Subsurface-Exploratory Develop
AV33 RDTE/Mining Methods-Subsurface-Advanced Develop
AV34 RDTE/Mining Methods-Subsurface-Engineering Develop
AV35 RDTE/Mining Methods-Subsurface-Op Systems Develop
AV36 RDTE/Mining Methods-Subsurface-Mgmt & Support
AV37 RDTE/Mining Methods-Subsurface-Op Systems Develop
AV41 RDTE/Mining Methods-Surface-Basic Research
AV42 RDTE/Mining Methods-Surface-Exploratory Develop
AV43 RDTE/Mining Methods-Surface-Advanced Development
AV44 RDTE/Mining Methods-Surface-Engineering Develop
AV45 RDTE/Mining Methods-Surface-Op Systems Development
AV46 RDTE/Mining Methods-Surface-Management & Support
AV47 RDTE/Mining Methods-Surface-Op Systems Development
AV51 RDTE/Mining Reclamation Methods-Basic Research
AV52 RDTE/Mining Reclamation Methods-Explor Development
AV53 RDTE/Mining Reclamation Methods-Advanced Develop
AV54 RDTE/Mining Reclamation Methods-Engr Development
AV55 RDTE/Mining Reclamation Methods-Op Systems Develop
AV56 RDTE/Mining Reclamation Methods-Mgmt & Support
AV57 RDTE/Mining Reclamation Methods-Op Systems Develop
AV61 RDTE/Mining Safety - Basic Research
AV62 RDTE/Mining Safety - Exploratory Development
AV63 RDTE/Mining Safety - Advanced Development
AV64 RDTE/Mining Safety - Engineering Development
AV65 RDTE/Mining Safety - Operational Systems Develop
AV66 RDTE/Mining Safety - Management & Support
AV67 RDTE/Mining Safety - Operational Systems Develop
AV71 RDTE/Mining - Metallurgical - Basic Research
AV72 RDTE/Mining - Metallurgical - Exploratory Develop
AV73 RDTE/Mining - Metallurgical - Advanced Development
AV74 RDTE/Mining - Metallurgical - Engineering Develop
AV75 RDTE/Mining - Metallurgical - Operational Sys Dev
AV76 RDTE/Mining - Metallurgical - Management & Support
AV77 RDTE/Mining - Metallurgical - Operational Sys Dev
AV91 RDTE/Other Mining Activities - Basic Research
AV92 RDTE/Other Mining Activities - Exploratory Develop
AV93 RDTE/Other Mining Activities - Advanced Develop
AV94 RDTE/Other Mining Activities - Engr Development
AV95 RDTE/Other Mining Activities - Op Systems Develop
AV96 RDTE/Other Mining Activities - Mgmt & Support
AV97 RDTE/Other Mining Activities - Op Systems Develop

AZ11 RDTE/Other Research & Development-Basic Research
AZ12 RDTE/Other Research & Development-Explor Develop
AZ13 RDTE/Other Research & Development-Advanced Develop
AZ14 RDTE/Other Research & Development-Engr Development
AZ15 RDTE/Other Research & Development-Op Sys Develop
AZ16 RDTE/Other Research & Development-Mgmt & Support
AZ17 RDTE/Other Research & Development-Op Sys Develop

B502 Air Quality Analyses
B503 Archeological/Paleontological Studies
B504 Chemical/Biological Studies & Analyses
B505 Cost Benefit Analyses
B506 Data Analyses (other than scientific)
B507 Economic Studies
B509 Endangered Species Studies - Plant & Animal
B510 Environmental Studies & Assessments
B513 Feasibility Studies (non-construction)
B516 Animal & Fisheries Studies
B517 Geological Studies
B518 Geophysical Studies
B519 Geotechnical Studies
B520 Grazing/Range Studies
B521 Historical Studies
B522 Legal Studies
B524 Mathematical/Statistical Analyses
B525 Natural Resource Studies
B526 Oceanological Studies
B527 Recreation Studies
B528 Regulatory Studies
B529 Scientific Data Studies
B530 Seismological Studies
B532 Soils Studies
B533 Water Quality Studies
B534 Wildlife Studies
B537 Medical & Health Studies
B538 Intelligence Studies
B539 Aeronautic/Space Studies
B540 Building Technology Studies
B541 Defense Studies
B542 Educational Studies & Analyses
B543 Energy Studies
B544 Technology Studies
B545 Housing & Community Development Studies
B546 Security Studies (Physical & Personal)
B547 Accounting/Financial Management Studies
B548 Trade Issue Studies
B549 Foreign Policy/National Security Policy Studies
B550 Organization/Administrative/Personnel Studies
B551 Mobilization/Preparedness Studies
B552 Manpower Studies
B553 Communications Studies
B554 Acquisition Policy/Procedures Studies
B555 Elderly/Handicapped Studies
B599 Other Special Studies & Analyses

C111 Administrative & Service Buildings
C112 Airfield, Communication & Missile Facilities
C113 Educational Buildings
C114 Hospital Buildings
C115 Industrial Buildings
C116 Residential Buildings
C117 Warehouse Buildings
C118 Research & Development Facilities
C119 Other Buildings
C121 Conservation & Development
C122 Highways, Roads, Streets, Bridges, and Railways
C123 Electric Power Generation (EPG)
C124 Utilities
C129 Other Non-Building Structures
C130 Restoration
C211 Architect-Engineering Services
C212 Engineering Drafting Services
C213 A&E Inspection Services (Non-construction)
C214 A&E Management Engineering Services
C215 A&E Production Engineering Services
C216 Marine Architect & Engineering Services
C219 Other Architect & Engineering Services

D301 ADP Facility Operation & Maintenance Services
D302 ADP Systems Development Services
D303 ADP Data Entry Services
D304 ADP Telecommunications & Transmission Services
D305 ADP Teleprocessing & Timesharing Services
D306 ADP Systems Analysis Services
D307 Automated Info System Design & Integration Svcs
D308 Programming Services
D309 Info & Data Broadcasting or Data Distribution Svcs
D310 ADP Backup & Security Services
D311 ADP Data Conversion Services
D312 ADP Optical Scanning Services
D313 Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Mfg Services
D314 ADP System Acquisition Support Services
D315 Digitizing Services
D316 Telecommunication Network Management Services
D317 Automated News Svcs, Data Svcs, or Other Info Svcs
D399 Other ADP & Telecommunication Services

E111 Purchase/Office Buildings
E112 Purchase/Conference Space & Facilities
E119 Purchase/Other Administrative & Service Buildings
E121 Purchase/Air Traffic Control Towers
E122 Purchase/Air Traffic Control Training Facilities
E123 Purchase/Radar & Navigational Facilities
E124 Purchase/Airport Runways
E125 Purchase/Airport Terminals
E126 Purchase/Missile System Facilities
E127 Purchase/Electronic & Communication Facilities
E129 Purchase/Other Airfield Structures
E131 Purchase/Schools
E139 Purchase/Other Educational Buildings
E141 Purchase/Hospitals & Infirmaries
E142 Purchase/Laboratories & Clinics
E149 Purchase/Other Hospital Buildings
E151 Purchase/Ammunition Facilities
E152 Purchase/Maintenance Buildings
E153 Purchase/Production Buildings
E154 Purchase/Ship Construction & Repair Facilities
E155 Purchase/Tank-Automotive Facilities
E159 Purchase/Other Industrial Buildings
E161 Purchase/Family Housing Facilities
E162 Purchase/Recreational Buildings
E163 Purchase/Troop Housing Facilities
E164 Purchase/Dining Facilities
E165 Purchase/Religious Facilities
E166 Purchase/Penal Facilities
E169 Purchase/Other Residential Buildings
E171 Purchase/Ammunition Storage Buildings
E172 Purchase/Food or Grain Storage Buildings
E173 Purchase/Fuel Storage Buildings
E174 Purchase/Open Storage Facilities
E179 Purchase/Other Warehouse Buildings
E181 Purchase/Govt-Owned Contractor-Operated R&D Fac
E182 Purchase/Govt-Owned Government-Operated R&D Fac
E183 GOCO Environmental Laboritories
E184 GOGO Environmental Laboritories
E191 Purchase/Museums & Exhibition Buildings
E192 Purchase/Testing & Measurement Buildings
E199 Purchase/Other Miscellaneous Buildings
E211 Purchase/Dams
E212 Purchase/Canals
E213 Purchase/Mine Fire Control Facilities
E214 Purchase/Mine Subsidence Control Facilities
E215 Purchase/Surface Mine Reclamation Facilities
E216 Purchase/Dredging
E219 Purchase/Other Conservation & Dev Facilities
E221 Purchase/Airport Service Roads
E222 Purchase/Highways, Roads, Streets, & Bridges
E223 Purchase/Tunnels & Subsurface Structures
E224 Purchase/Parking Facilities Construction
E231 Purchase/EPG - Coal
E232 Purchase/EPG - Gas
E233 Purchase/EPG - Geothermal
E234 Purchase/EPG - Hydro
E235 Purchase/EPG - Nuclear
E236 Purchase/EPG - Petroleum
E237 Purchase/EPG - Solar
E239 Purchase/EPG - Other, Including Transmission
E241 Purchase/Fuel Supply Facilities
E242 Purchase/Heating & Cooling Plants
E243 Purchase/Pollution Abatement & Control Facilities
E244 Purchase/Sewage & Waste Facilities
E245 Purchase/Water Supply Facilities
E249 Purchase/Other Utilities
E291 Purchase/Recreation Facilities (Non-Building)
E292 Purchase/Exhibit Design (Non-Building)
E293 Purchase/Unimproved Real Property (Land)
E294 Purchase/Waste Treatment & Storage Facilities
E299 Purchase/All Other Non-Building Facilities
E300 Restoration Activities

F001 Aerial Fertilization/Spraying Services
F002 Aerial Seeding Services
F003 Forest/Range Fire Suppression/Presuppression Svcs
F004 Forest/Range Fire Rehabilitation Svcs (non-const)
F005 Forest Tree Planting
F006 Land Treatment Practices (plowing/clearing, etc.)
F007 Range Seeding Services (ground equipment)
F008 Recreation Site Maintenance Svcs (non-const)
F009 Seed Collection/Production Services
F010 Seedling Production/Transplanting Services
F011 Surface Mining Reclamation Services (non-const)
F012 Survey Line Clearing Services
F013 Tree Breeding Services
F014 Tree Thinning Services
F015 Well Drilling/Exploratory Services
F016 Wildhorse/Burro Control Services
F018 Other Range/Forest Improvements Svcs (non-const)
F019 Other Wildlife Management Services
F020 Fisheries Resources Management Services
F021 Site Preparation
F022 Fish Hatchery Services
F099 Other Natural Resources & Conservation Services
F101 Air Quality Support Services
F102 Surveys & Technical Support Rel to Air Pollution
F103 Water Quality Support Services
F104 Surveys & Technical Support Rel to Water Pollution
F105 Pesticides Support Services
F106 Toxic Substances Support Services
F107 Hazardous Substance Analysis
F108 Hazardous Substance Removal/Cleanup/Disposal Svcs
F109 Leaking Underground Storage Tank Support Services
F110 Dev of Environ Impact Statements & Assessments
F111 Surveys & Tech Support for Multiple Pollutants
F112 Oil Spill Cleanup, Removal, Disposal & Support
F999 Other Environ Svcs, Studies, & Analytical Support

G001 Care of Remains and/or Funeral Services
G002 Chaplain Services
G003 Recreational Services
G004 Social Rehabilitation Services
G005 Geriatrics Services
G006 Government Life Insurance Programs
G007 Government Health Insurance Programs
G008 Other Government Insurance Programs
G009 Non-Government Insurance Programs
G010 Direct Aid to Tribal Governments and Organizations
G099 Other Social Services

H110 Quality Control Svcs/Weapons
H111 Quality Control Svcs/Nuclear Ordnance
H112 Quality Control Svcs/Fire Control Equipment
H113 Quality Control Svcs/Ammo & Explosives
H114 Quality Control Svcs/Guided Missiles
H115 Quality Control Svcs/Aircraft Structural Comps
H116 Quality Control Svcs/Aircraft Comps & Accys
H117 Quality Control Svcs/Aircraft Gnd Handling Equip
H118 Quality Control Svcs/Space Vehicles
H119 Quality Control Svcs/Ships-Sml Craft-Docks
H120 Quality Control Svcs/Ship & Marine Equipment
H122 Quality Control Svcs/Railway Equipment
H123 Quality Control Svcs/Vehicles-Trailers-Cycles
H124 Quality Control Svcs/Tractors
H125 Quality Control Svcs/Vehicular Equipment Comps
H126 Quality Control Svcs/Tires & Tubes
H128 Quality Control Svcs/Engines, Turbines & Comps
H129 Quality Control Svcs/Engine Accessories
H130 Quality Control Svcs/Mech Power Trans Equipment
H131 Quality Control Svcs/Bearings
H132 Quality Control Svcs/Woodworking Machinery Equip
H134 Quality Control Svcs/Metalworking Machinery
H135 Quality Control Svcs/Service & Trade Equipment
H136 Quality Control Svcs/Special Industry Machinery
H137 Quality Control Svcs/Agricultural Machinery & Eq
H138 Quality Control Svcs/Construction Equipment
H139 Quality Control Svcs/Materials Handling Equipment
H140 Quality Control Svcs/Rope, Cable, Chain & Fittings
H141 Quality Control Svcs/Refrigeration, Air Cond Equip
H142 Quality Control Svcs/Fire, Rescue & Safety Equip
H143 Quality Control Svcs/Pumps & Compressors
H144 Quality Control Svcs/Furnace-Steam Plant-Nucl Reac
H145 Quality Control Svcs/Plumbing & Heating Equipment
H146 Quality Control Svcs/Water Purification Equipment
H147 Quality Control Svcs/Pipe-Tubing-Hose-Fittings
H148 Quality Control Svcs/Valves
H149 Quality Control Svcs/Maintenance & Repair Shop Eq
H151 Quality Control Svcs/Hand Tools
H152 Quality Control Svcs/Measuring Tools
H153 Quality Control Svcs/Hardware & Abrasives
H154 Quality Control Svcs/Prefab Structures
H155 Quality Control Svcs/Lumber & Millwork
H156 Quality Control Svcs/Construction Materials
H158 Quality Control Svcs/Communication Equipment
H159 Quality Control Svcs/Electrical & Elct Equip Comps
H160 Quality Control Svcs/Fiber Optic Mats & Comps
H161 Quality Control Svcs/Power Distribution Equipment
H162 Quality Control Svcs/Lighting Fixtures & Lamps
H163 Quality Control Svcs/Alarm & Signal Systems
H165 Quality Control Svcs/Medical & Dental Equipment
H166 Quality Control Svcs/Instruments & Lab Equipment
H167 Quality Control Svcs/Photographic Equipment
H168 Quality Control Svcs/Chemical Products
H169 Quality Control Svcs/Training Aids & Devices
H170 Quality Control Svcs/ADP Equip & Supplies
H171 Quality Control Svcs/Furniture
H172 Quality Control Svcs/Household Furnishings
H173 Quality Control Svcs/Food Prep & Serving Equip
H174 Quality Control Svcs/Office Machines
H175 Quality Control Svcs/Office Supplies & Devices
H176 Quality Control Svcs/Books-Maps-Pubs
H177 Quality Control Svcs/Musical Instruments-Radio
H178 Quality Control Svcs/Recreational Equipment
H179 Quality Control Svcs/Cleaning Equipment
H180 Quality Control Svcs/Brushes-Paints-Sealers
H181 Quality Control Svcs/Containers-Packaging
H183 Quality Control Svcs/Textiles-Leather-Furs
H184 Quality Control Svcs/Clothing - Individual
H185 Quality Control Svcs/Toiletries
H187 Quality Control Svcs/Agricultural Supplies
H188 Quality Control Svcs/Live Animals
H189 Quality Control Svcs/Subsistence
H191 Quality Control Svcs/Fuels-Lubricants-Oils
H193 Quality Control Svcs/Nonmetalic Fabricated Mats
H194 Quality Control Svcs/Nonmetalic Crude Materials
H195 Quality Control Svcs/Metal Bars & Sheets
H196 Quality Control Svcs/Ores & Minerals
H199 Quality Control Svcs/Miscellaneous Equipment
H210 Equip & Mats Testing/Weapons
H211 Equip & Mats Testing/Nuclear Ordnance
H212 Equip & Mats Testing/Fire Control Equipment
H213 Equip & Mats Testing/Ammo & Explosives
H214 Equip & Mats Testing/Guided Missiles
H215 Equip & Mats Testing/Aircraft Structural Comps
H216 Equip & Mats Testing/Aircraft Comps & Accys
H217 Equip & Mats Testing/Aircraft Gnd Handling Equip
H218 Equip & Mats Testing/Space Vehicles
H219 Equip & Mats Testing/Ships-Sml Craft-Docks
H220 Equip & Mats Testing/Ship & Marine Equipment
H222 Equip & Mats Testing/Railway Equipment
H223 Equip & Mats Testing/Vehicles-Trailers-Cycles
H224 Equip & Mats Testing/Tractors
H225 Equip & Mats Testing/Vehicular Equipment Comps
H226 Equip & Mats Testing/Tires & Tubes
H228 Equip & Mats Testing/Engines, Turbines & Comps
H229 Equip & Mats Testing/Engine Accessories
H230 Equip & Mats Testing/Mech Power Trans Equipment
H231 Equip & Mats Testing/Bearings
H232 Equip & Mats Testing/Woodworking Machinery Equip
H234 Equip & Mats Testing/Metalworking Machinery
H235 Equip & Mats Testing/Service & Trade Equipment
H236 Equip & Mats Testing/Special Industry Machinery
H237 Equip & Mats Testing/Agricultural Machinery & Eq
H238 Equip & Mats Testing/Construction Equipment
H239 Equip & Mats Testing/Materials Handling Equipment
H240 Equip & Mats Testing/Rope, Cable, Chain & Fittings
H241 Equip & Mats Testing/Refrigeration, Air Cond Equip
H242 Equip & Mats Testing/Fire, Rescue & Safety Equip
H243 Equip & Mats Testing/Pumps & Compressors
H244 Equip & Mats Testing/Furnace-Steam Plant-Nucl Reac
H245 Equip & Mats Testing/Plumbing & Heating Equipment
H246 Equip & Mats Testing/Water Purification Equipment
H247 Equip & Mats Testing/Pipe-Tubing-Hose-Fittings
H248 Equip & Mats Testing/Valves
H249 Equip & Mats Testing/Maintenance & Repair Ship Eq
H251 Equip & Mats Testing/Hand Tools
H252 Equip & Mats Testing/Measuring Tools
H253 Equip & Mats Testing/Hardware & Abrasives
H254 Equip & Mats Testing/Prefab Structures
H255 Equip & Mats Testing/Lumber & Millwork
H256 Equip & Mats Testing/Construction Materials
H258 Equip & Mats Testing/Communication Equipment
H259 Equip & Mats Testing/Electrical & Elct Equip Comps
H260 Equip & Mats Testing/Fiber Optic Mats & Comps
H261 Equip & Mats Testing/Power Distribution Equipment
H262 Equip & Mats Testing/Lighting Fixtures & Lamps
H263 Equip & Mats Testing/Alarm & Signal Systems
H265 Equip & Mats Testing/Medical & Dental Equipment
H266 Equip & Mats Testing/Instruments & Lab Equipment
H267 Equip & Mats Testing/Photographic Equipment
H268 Equip & Mats Testing/Chemical Products
H269 Equip & Mats Testing/Training Aids & Devices
H270 Equip & Mats Testing/ADP Equip & Supplies
H271 Equip & Mats Testing/Furniture
H272 Equip & Mats Testing/Household Furnishings
H273 Equip & Mats Testing/Food Prep & Serving Equipment
H274 Equip & Mats Testing/Office Machines
H275 Equip & Mats Testing/Office Supplies & Devices
H276 Equip & Mats Testing/Books-Maps-Pubs
H277 Equip & Mats Testing/Musical Instruments-Radio
H278 Equip & Mats Testing/Recreational Equipment
H279 Equip & Mats Testing/Cleaning Equipment
H280 Equip & Mats Testing/Brushes-Paints-Sealers
H281 Equip & Mats Testing/Containers-Packaging
H283 Equip & Mats Testing/Textiles-Leather-Furs
H284 Equip & Mats Testing/Clothing - Individual
H285 Equip & Mats Testing/Toiletries
H287 Equip & Mats Testing/Agricultural Supplies
H288 Equip & Mats Testing/Live Animals
H289 Equip & Mats Testing/Subsistence
H291 Equip & Mats Testing/Fuels-Lubricants-Oils
H293 Equip & Mats Testing/Nonmetalic Fabricated Mats
H294 Equip & Mats Testing/Nonmetalic Crude Materials
H295 Equip & Mats Testing/Metal Bars & Sheets
H296 Equip & Mats Testing/Ores & Minerals
H299 Equip & Mats Testing/Miscellaneous Equipment
H310 Inspection Services/Weapons
H311 Inspection Services/Nuclear Ordnance
H312 Inspection Services/Fire Control Equipment
H313 Inspection Services/Ammo & Explosives
H314 Inspection Services/Guided Missiles
H315 Inspection Services/Aircraft Structural Comps
H316 Inspection Services/Aircraft Comps & Accys
H317 Inspection Services/Aircraft Gnd Handling Equip
H318 Inspectino Services/Space Vehicles
H319 Inspection Services/Ships-Sml Craft-Docks
H320 Inspection Services/Ship & Marine Equipment
H322 Inspection Services/Railway Equipment
H323 Inspection Services/Vehicles-Trailers-Cycles
H324 Inspection Services/Tractors
H325 Inspection Services/Vehicular Equipment Comps
H326 Inspection Services/Tires & Tubes
H328 Inspection Services/Engines, Turbines & Comps
H329 Inspection Services/Engine Accessories
H330 Inspection Services/Mech Power Trans Equipment
H331 Inspection Services/Bearings
H332 Inspection Services/Woodworking Machinery Equip
H334 Inspection Services/Metalworking Machinery
H335 Inspection Services/Service & Trade Equipment
H336 Inspection Services/Special Industry Machinery
H337 Inspection Services/Agricultural Machinery & Eq
H338 Inspection Services/Construction Equipment
H339 Inspection Services/Materials Handling Equipment
H340 Inspection Services/Rope, Cable, Chain & Fittings
H341 Inspection Services/Refrigeration, Air Cond Equip
H342 Inspection Services/Fire, Rescue & Safety Equip
H343 Inspection Services/Pumps & Compressors
H344 Inspection Services/Furnace-Stream Plant-Nucl Reac
H345 Inspection Services/Plumbing & Heating Equipment
H346 Inspection Services/Water Purification Equipment
H347 Inspection Services/Pipe-Tubing-Hose-Fittings
H348 Inspection Services/Valves
H349 Inspection Services/Maintenance & Repair Shop Eq
H351 Inspection Services/Hand Tools
H352 Inspection Services/Measuring Tools
H353 Inspection Services/Hardware & Abrasives
H354 Inspection Services/Prefab Structures
H355 Inspection Services/Lumber & Millwork
H356 Inspection Services/Construction Materials
H358 Inspection Services/Communication Equipment
H359 Inspection Services/Electrical & Elct Equip Comps
H360 Inspection Services/Fiber Optic Mats & Comps
H361 Inspection Services/Power Distribution Equipment
H362 Inspection Services/Lighting Fixtures & Lamps
H363 Inspection Services/Alarm & Signal Systems
H365 Inspection Services/Medical & Dental Equipment
H366 Inspection Services/Instruments & Lab Equipment
H367 Inspection Services/Photographic Equipment
H368 Inspection Services/Chemical Products
H369 Inspection Services/Training Aids & Devices
H370 Inspection Services/ADP Equip & Supplies
H371 Inspection Services/Furniture
H372 Inspection Services/Household Furnishings
H373 Inspection Services/Food Prep & Serving Equipment
H374 Inspection Services/Office Machines
H375 Inspection Services/Office Supplies & Devices
H376 Inspection Services/Books-Maps-Pubs
H377 Inspection Services/Musical Instruments-Radio
H378 Inspection Services/Recreational Equipment
H379 Inspection Services/Cleaning Equipment
H380 Inspection Services/Brushes-Paints-Sealers
H381 Inspection Services/Containers-Packaging
H383 Inspection Services/Textiles-Leather-Furs
H384 Inspection Services/Clothing - Individual
H385 Inspection Services/Toiletries
H387 Inspection Services/Agricultural Supplies
H388 Inspection Services/Live Animals
H389 Inspection Services/Subsistence
H391 Inspection Services/Fuels-Lubricants-Oils
H393 Inspection Services/Nonmetalic Fabricated Mats
H394 Inspection Services/Nonmetalic Crude Materials
H395 Inspection Services/Metal Bars & Sheets
H396 Inspection Services/Ores & Minerals
H399 Inspection Services/Miscellaneous Equipment
H910 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Weapons
H911 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Nuclear Ordnance
H912 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Fire Control Equipment
H913 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Ammo & Explosives
H914 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Guided Missiles
H915 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Aircraft Structural Comps
H916 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Aircraft Comps & Accys
H917 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Aircraft Gnd Handling Eq
H918 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Space Vehicles
H919 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Ships-Sml Craft-Docks
H920 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Ship & Marine Equipment
H922 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Railway Equipment
H923 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Vehicles-Trailers-Cycles
H924 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Tractors
H925 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Vehicular Equipment Comps
H926 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Tires & Tubes
H928 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Engines, Turbines & Comps
H929 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Engine Accessories
H930 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Mech Power Trans Equipment
H931 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Bearings
H932 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Woodworking Machinery-Eq
H934 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Metalworking Machinery
H935 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Service & Trade Equipment
H936 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Special Industry Machinery
H937 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Agricultural Machinery-Eq
H938 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Construction Equipment
H939 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Materials Handling Equip
H940 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Rope-Cable-Chain-Fittings
H941 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Refrigeration, AC Equip
H942 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Fire, Rescue & Safety Eq
H943 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Pumps & Compressors
H944 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Furnace-Steam Plant-Nucl
H945 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Plumbing & Heating Equip
H946 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Water Purification Equip
H947 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Pipe-Tubing-Hose-Fittings
H948 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Valves
H949 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Maint. & Repair Shop Equip
H951 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Hand Tools
H952 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Measuring Tools
H953 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Hardware & Abrasives
H954 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Prefab Structures
H955 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Lumber & Millwork
H956 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Construction Materials
H958 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Communication Equipment
H959 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Electrical & Elct Eq Comps
H960 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Fiber Optic Mats & Comps
H961 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Power Distribution Equip
H962 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Lighting Fixtures & Lamps
H963 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Alarm & Signal Systems
H965 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Medical & Dental Equipment
H966 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Instruments & Lab Equip
H967 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Photographic Equipment
H968 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Chemical Products
H969 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Training Aids & Devices
H970 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/ADP Equip & Supplies
H971 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Furniture
H972 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Household Furnishings
H973 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Food Prep & Serving Equip
H974 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Office Machines
H975 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Office Supplies & Devices
H976 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Books-Maps-Pubs
H977 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Musical Instruments-Radio
H978 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Recreational Equipment
H979 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Cleaning Equipment
H980 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Brushes-Paints-Sealers
H981 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Containers-Packaging
H983 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Textiles-Leather-Furs
H984 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Clothing - Individual
H985 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Toiletries
H987 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Agricultural Supplies
H988 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Live Animals
H989 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Subsistence
H991 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Fuels-Lubricants-Oils
H993 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Nonmetalic Fabricated Mats
H994 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Nonmetalic Crude Materials
H995 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Metal Bars & Sheets
H996 Other Quality Cntl Svcs/Ores & Minerals
H999 Other Quality Cntl, Testing & Inspection Services

J010 Maint & Repair of Eq/Weapons
J011 Maint & Repair of Eq/Nuclear Ordnance
J012 Maint & Repair of Eq/Fire Control Equipment
J013 Maint & Repair of Eq/Ammo & Explosives
J014 Maint & Repair of Eq/Guided Missiles
J015 Maint & Repair of Eq/Aircraft Structural Comps
J016 Maint & Repair of Eq/Aircraft Comps & Accys
J017 Maint & Repair of Eq/Aircraft Gnd Handling Equip
J018 Maint & Repair of Eq/Space Vehicles
J019 Maint & Repair of Eq/Ships-Sml Craft-Docks
J020 Maint & Repair of Eq/Ship & Marine Equipment
J022 Maint & Repair of Eq/Railway Equipment
J023 Maint & Repair of Eq/Vehicles-Trailers-Cycles
J024 Maint & Repair of Eq/Tractors
J025 Maint & Repair of Eq/Vehicular Equipment Comps
J026 Maint & Repair of Eq/Tires & Tubes
J028 Maint & Repair of Eq/Engines, Turbines & Comps
J029 Maint & Repair of Eq/Engine Accessories
J030 Maint & Repair of Eq/Mech Power Trans Equipment
J031 Maint & Repair of Eq/Bearings
J032 Maint & Repair of Eq/Woodworking Machinery Equip
J034 Maint & Repair of Eq/Metalworking Machinery
J035 Maint & Repair of Eq/Service & Trade Equipment
J036 Maint & Repair of Eq/Special Industry Machinery
J037 Maint & Repair of Eq/Agricultural Machinery & Eq
J038 Maint & Repair of Eq/Construction Equipment
J039 Maint & Repair of Eq/Materials Handling Equipment
J040 Maint & Repair of Eq/Rope, Cable, Chain & Fittings
J041 Maint & Repair of Eq/Refrigeration, Air Cond Equip
J042 Maint & Repair of Eq/Fire, Rescue & Safety Equip
J043 Maint & Repair of Eq/Pumps & Compressors
J044 Maint & Repair of Eq/Furnace-Steam Plant-Nucl Reac
J045 Maint & Repair of Eq/Plumbing & Heating Equipment
J046 Maint & Repair of Eq/Water Purification Equipment
J047 Maint & Repair of Eq/Pipe-Tubing-Hose-Fittings
J048 Maint & Repair of Eq/Valves
J049 Maint & Repair of Eq/Maintenance & Repair Shop Eq
J051 Maint & Repair of Eq/Hand Tools
J052 Maint & Repair of Eq/Measuring Tools
J053 Maint & Repair of Eq/Hardware & Abrasives
J054 Maint & Repair of Eq/Prefab Structures
J055 Maint & Repair of Eq/Lumber & Millwork
J056 Maint & Repair of Eq/Construction Materials
J058 Maint & Repair of Eq/Communication Equipment
J059 Maint & Repair of Eq/Electrical & Elct Equip Comps
J060 Maint & Repair of Eq/Fiber Optic Mats & Comps
J061 Maint & Repair of Eq/Power Distribution Equipment
J062 Maint & Repair of Eq/Lighting Fixtures & Lamps
J063 Maint & Repair of Eq/Alarm & Signal Systems
J065 Maint & Repair of Eq/Medical & Dental Equipment
J066 Maint & Repair of Eq/Instruments & Lab Equipment
J067 Maint & Repair of Eq/Photographic Equipment
J068 Maint & Repair of Eq/Chemical Products
J069 Maint & Repair of Eq/Training Aids & Devices
J070 Maint & Repair of Eq/ADP Equip & Supplies
J071 Maint & Repair of Eq/Furniture
J072 Maint & Repair of Eq/Household Furnishings
J073 Maint & Repair of Eq/Food Prep & Serving Equip
J074 Maint & Repair of Eq/Office Machines
J075 Maint & Repair of Eq/Office Supplies & Devices
J076 Maint & Repair of Eq/Books-Maps-Pubs
J077 Maint & Repair of Eq/Musical Instruments-Radio
J078 Maint & Repair of Eq/Recreational Equipment
J079 Maint & Repair of Eq/Cleaning Equipment
J080 Maint & Repair of Eq/Brushes-Paints-Sealers
J081 Maint & Repair of Eq/Containers-Packaging
J083 Maint & Repair of Eq/Textiles-Leather-Furs
J084 Maint & Repair of Eq/Clothing - Individual
J085 Maint & Repair of Eq/Toiletries
J087 Maint & Repair of Eq/Agricultural Supplies
J088 Maint & Repair of Eq/Live Animals
J089 Maint & Repair of Eq/Subsistence
J091 Maint & Repair of Eq/Fuels-Lubricants-Oils
J093 Maint & Repair of Eq/Nonmetalic Fabricated Mats
J094 Maint & Repair of Eq/Nonmetalic Crude Materials
J095 Maint & Repair of Eq/Metal Bars & Sheets
J096 Maint & Repair of Eq/Ores & Minerals
J099 Maint & Repair of Eq/Miscellaneous Equipment
J998 Non-nuclear Ship Repair (East)
J999 Non-nuclear Ship Repair (West)

K010 Modification of Eq/Weapons
K011 Modification of Eq/Nuclear Ordnance
K012 Modification of Eq/Fire Control Equipment
K013 Modification of Eq/Ammo & Explosives
K014 Modification of Eq/Guided Missiles
K015 Modification of Eq/Aircraft Structural Comps
K016 Modification of Eq/Aircraft Comps & Accys
K017 Modification of Eq/Aircraft Gnd Handling Equip
K018 Modification of Eq/Space Vehicles
K019 Modification of Eq/Ships-Sml Craft-Docks
K020 Modification of Eq/Ship & Marine Equipment
K022 Modification of Eq/Railway Equipment
K023 Modification of Eq/Vehicles-Trailers-Cycles
K024 Modification of Eq/Tractors
K025 Modification of Eq/Vehicular Equipment Comps
K026 Modification of Eq/Tires & Tubes
K028 Modification of Eq/Engines, Turbines & Comps
K029 Modification of Eq/Engine Accessories
K030 Modification of Eq/Mech Power Trans Equipment
K031 Modification of Eq/Bearings
K032 Modification of Eq/Woodworking Machinery Equip
K034 Modification of Eq/Metalworking Machinery
K035 Modification of Eq/Service & Trade Equipment
K036 Modification of Eq/Special Industry Machinery
K037 Modification of Eq/Agricultural Machinery & Eq
K038 Modification of Eq/Construction Equipment
K039 Modification of Eq/Materials Handling Equipment
K040 Modification of Eq/Rope, Cable, Chain & Fittings
K041 Modification of Eq/Refrigeration, Air Cond Equip
K042 Modification of Eq/Fire, Rescue & Safety Equip
K043 Modification of Eq/Pumps & Compressors
K044 Modification of Eq/Furnace-Steam Plant-Nucl Reac
K045 Modification of Eq/Plumbing & Heating Equipment
K046 Modification of Eq/Water Purification Equipment
K047 Modification of Eq/Pipe-Tubing-Hose-Fittings
K048 Modification of Eq/Valves
K049 Modification of Eq/Maintenance & Repair Shop Eq
K051 Modification of Eq/Hand Tools
K052 Modification of Eq/Measuring Tools
K053 Modification of Eq/Hardware & Abrasives
K054 Modification of Eq/Prefab Structures
K055 Modification of Eq/Lumber & Millwork
K056 Modification of Eq/Construction Materials
K058 Modification of Eq/Communication Equipment
K059 Modification of Eq/Electrical & Elct Equip Comps
K060 Modification of Eq/Fiber Optic Mats & Comps
K061 Modification of Eq/Power Distribution Equipment
K062 Modification of Eq/Lighting Fixtures & Lamps
K063 Modification of Eq/Alarm & Signal Systems
K065 Modification of Eq/Medical & Dental Equipment
K066 Modification of Eq/Instruments & Lab Equipment
K067 Modification of Eq/Photographic Equipment
K068 Modification of Eq/Chemical Products
K069 Modification of Eq/Training Aids & Devices
K070 Modification of Eq/ADP Equip & Supplies
K071 Modification of Eq/Furniture
K072 Modification of Eq/Household Furnishings
K073 Modification of Eq/Food Prep & Serving Equip
K074 Modification of Eq/Office Machines
K075 Modification of Eq/Office Supplies & Devices
K076 Modification of Eq/Books-Maps-Pubs
K077 Modification of Eq/Musical Instruments-Radio
K078 Modification of Eq/Recreational Equipment
K079 Modification of Eq/Cleaning Equipment
K080 Modification of Eq/Brushes-Paints-Sealers
K081 Modification of Eq/Containers-Packaging
K083 Modification of Eq/Textiles-Leather-Furs
K084 Modification of Eq/Clothing - Individual
K085 Modification of Eq/Toiletries
K087 Modification of Eq/Agricultural Supplies
K088 Modification of Eq/Live Animals
K089 Modification of Eq/Subsistence
K091 Modification of Eq/Fuels-Lubricants-Oils
K093 Modification of Eq/Nonmetalic Fabricated Mats
K094 Modification of Eq/Nonmetalic Crude Materials
K095 Modification of Eq/Metal Bars & Sheets
K096 Modification of Eq/Ores & Minerals
K099 Modification of Eq/Miscellaneous Equipment

L010 Tech Rep Svcs/Weapons
L011 Tech Rep Svcs/Nuclear Ordnance
L012 Tech Rep Svcs/Fire Control Equipment
L013 Tech Rep Svcs/Ammo & Explosives
L014 Tech Rep Svcs/Guided Missiles
L015 Tech Rep Svcs/Aircraft Structural Comps
L016 Tech Rep Svcs/Aircraft Comps & Accys
L017 Tech Rep Svcs/Aircraft Gnd Handling Equip
L018 Tech Rep Svcs/Space Vehicles
L019 Tech Rep Svcs/Ships-Sml Craft-Docks
L020 Tech Rep Svcs/Ship & Marine Equipment
L022 Tech Rep Svcs/Railway Equipment
L023 Tech Rep Svcs/Vehicles-Trailers-Cycles
L024 Tech Rep Svcs/Tractors
L025 Tech Rep Svcs/Vehicular Equipment Comps
L026 Tech Rep Svcs/Tires & Tubes
L028 Tech Rep Svcs/Engines, Turbines & Comps
L029 Tech Rep Svcs/Engine Accessories
L030 Tech Rep Svcs/Mech Power Trans Equipment
L031 Tech Rep Svcs/Bearings
L032 Tech Rep Svcs/Woodworking Machinery Equip
L034 Tech Rep Svcs/Metalworking Machinery
L035 Tech Rep Svcs/Service & Trade Equipment
L036 Tech Rep Svcs/Special Industry Machinery
L037 Tech Rep Svcs/Agricultural Machinery & Eq
L038 Tech Rep Svcs/Construction Equipment
L039 Tech Rep Svcs/Materials Handling Equipment
L040 Tech Rep Svcs/Rope, Cable, Chain & Fittings
L041 Tech Rep Svcs/Refrigeration, Air Cond Equip
L042 Tech Rep Svcs/Fire, Rescue & Safety Equip
L043 Tech Rep Svcs/Pumps & Compressors
L044 Tech Rep Svcs/Furnace-Steam Plant-Nucl Reac
L045 Tech Rep Svcs/Plumbing & Heating Equipment
L046 Tech Rep Svcs/Water Purification Equipment
L047 Tech Rep Svcs/Pipe-Tubing-Hose-Fittings
L048 Tech Rep Svcs/Valves
L049 Tech Rep Svcs/Maintenance & Repair Shop Eq
L051 Tech Rep Svcs/Hand Tools
L052 Tech Rep Svcs/Measuring Tools
L053 Tech Rep Svcs/Hardware & Abrasives
L054 Tech Rep Svcs/Prefab Structures
L055 Tech Rep Svcs/Lumber & Millwork
L056 Tech Rep Svcs/Construction Materials
L058 Tech Rep Svcs/Communication Equipment
L059 Tech Rep Svcs/Electrical & Elct Equip Comps
L060 Tech Rep Svcs/Fiber Optic Mats & Comps
L061 Tech Rep Svcs/Power Distribution Equipment
L062 Tech Rep Svcs/Lighting Fixtures & Lamps
L063 Tech Rep Svcs/Alarm & Signal Systems
L065 Tech Rep Svcs/Medical & Dental Equipment
L066 Tech Rep Svcs/Instruments & Lab Equipment
L067 Tech Rep Svcs/Photographic Equipment
L068 Tech Rep Svcs/Chemical Products
L069 Tech Rep Svcs/Training Aids & Devices
L070 Tech Rep Svcs/ADP Equip & Supplies
L071 Tech Rep Svcs/Furniture
L072 Tech Rep Svcs/Household Furnishings
L073 Tech Rep Svcs/Food Prep & Serving Equip
L074 Tech Rep Svcs/Office Machines
L075 Tech Rep Svcs/Office Supplies & Devices
L076 Tech Rep Svcs/Books-Maps-Pubs
L077 Tech Rep Svcs/Musical Instruments-Radio
L078 Tech Rep Svcs/Recreational Equipment
L079 Tech Rep Svcs/Cleaning Equipment
L080 Tech Rep Svcs/Brushes-Paints-Sealers
L081 Tech Rep Svcs/Containers-Packaging
L083 Tech Rep Svcs/Textiles-Leather-Furs
L084 Tech Rep Svcs/Clothing - Individual
L085 Tech Rep Svcs/Toiletries
L087 Tech Rep Svcs/Agricultural Supplies
L088 Tech Rep Svcs/Live Animals
L089 Tech Rep Svcs/Subsistence
L091 Tech Rep Svcs/Fuels-Lubricants-Oils
L093 Tech Rep Svcs/Nonmetalic Fabricated Mats
L094 Tech Rep Svcs/Nonmetalic Crude Materials
L095 Tech Rep Svcs/Metal Bars & Sheets
L096 Tech Rep Svcs/Ores & Minerals
L099 Tech Rep Svcs/Miscellaneous Equipment

M111 Operation/Office Buildings
M112 Operation/Conference Space & Facilities
M119 Operation/Other Administrative & Service Buildings
M121 Operation/Air Traffic Control Towers
M122 Operation/Air Traffic Control Training Facilities
M123 Operation/Radar & Navigational Facilities
M124 Operation/Airport Runways
M125 Operation/Airport Terminals
M126 Operation/Missile System Facilities
M127 Operation/Electronic & Communication Facilities
M129 Operation/Other Airfield Structures
M131 Operation/Schools
M139 Operation/Other Educational Buildings
M141 Operation/Hospitals & Infirmaries
M142 Operation/Laboratories & Clinics
M149 Operation/Other Hospital Buildings
M151 Operation/Ammunition Facilities
M152 Operation/Maintenance Buildings
M153 Operation/Production Buildings
M154 Operation/Ship Construction & Repair Facilities
M155 Operation/Tank-Automotive Facilities
M159 Operation/Other Industrial Buildings
M161 Operation/Family Housing Facilities
M162 Operation/Recreational Buildings
M163 Operation/Troop Housing Facilities
M164 Operation/Dining Facilities
M165 Operation/Religious Facilities
M166 Operation/Penal Facilities
M169 Operation/Other Residential Buildings
M171 Operation/Ammunition Storage Buildings
M172 Operation/Food or Grain Storage Buildings
M173 Operation/Fuel Storage Buildings
M174 Operation/Open Storage Facilities
M179 Operation/Other Warehouse Buildings
M181 Operation/Govt-Owned Contractor-Operated R&D Fac
M182 Operation/Govt-Owned Government-Operated R&D Fac
M183 GOCO Environmental Laboritories
M184 GOGO Environmental Laboritories
M191 Operation/Museums & Exhibition Buildings
M192 Operation/Testing & Measurement Buildings
M199 Operation/Other Miscellaneous Buildings
M211 Operation/Dams
M212 Operation/Canals
M213 Operation/Mine Fire Control Facilities
M214 Operation/Mine Subsidence Control Facilities
M215 Operation/Surface Mine Reclamation Facilities
M216 Operation/Dredging
M219 Operation/Other Conservation & Dev Facilities
M221 Operation/Airport Service Roads
M222 Highways, Roads, Streets, Bridges, and Railways
M223 Operation/Tunnels & Subsurface Structures
M224 Operation/Parking Facilities Construction
M231 Operation/EPG - Coal
M232 Operation/EPG - Gas
M233 Operation/EPG - Geothermal
M234 Operation/EPG - Hydro
M235 Operation/EPG - Nuclear
M236 Operation/EPG - Petroleum
M237 Operation/EPG - Solar
M239 Operation/EPG - Other, Including Transmission
M241 Operation/Fuel Supply Facilities
M242 Operation/Heating & Cooling Plants
M243 Operation/Pollution Abatement & Control Facilities
M244 Operation/Sewage & Waste Facilities
M245 Operation/Water Supply Facilities
M249 Operation/Other Utilities
M291 Operation/Recreation Facilities (Non-Building)
M292 Operation/Exhibit Design (Non-Building)
M293 Operation/Unimproved Real Property (Land)
M294 Operation/Waste Treatment & Storage Facilities
M299 Operation/All Other Non-Building Facilities
M300 Restoration Activities

N010 Installation of Eq/Weapons
N011 Installation of Eq/Nuclear Ordnance
N012 Installation of Eq/Fire Control Equipment
N013 Installation of Eq/Ammo & Explosives
N014 Installation of Eq/Guided Missiles
N015 Installation of Eq/Aircraft Structural Comps
N016 Installation of Eq/Aircraft Comps & Accys
N017 Installation of Eq/Aircraft Gnd Handling Equip
N018 Installation of Eq/Space Vehicles
N019 Installation of Eq/Ships-Sml Craft-Docks
N020 Installation of Eq/Ship & Marine Equipment
N022 Installation of Eq/Railway Equipment
N023 Installation of Eq/Vehicles-Trailers-Cycles
N024 Installation of Eq/Tractors
N025 Installation of Eq/Vehicular Equipment Comps
N026 Installation of Eq/Tires & Tubes
N028 Installation of Eq/Engines, Turbines & Comps
N029 Installation of Eq/Engine Accessories
N030 Installation of Eq/Mech Power Trans Equipment
N031 Installation of Eq/Bearings
N032 Installation of Eq/Woodworking Machinery Equip
N034 Installation of Eq/Metalworking Machinery
N035 Installation of Eq/Service & Trade Equipment
N036 Installation of Eq/Special Industry Machinery
N037 Installation of Eq/Agricultural Machinery & Eq
N038 Installation of Eq/Construction Equipment
N039 Installation of Eq/Materials Handling Equipment
N040 Installation of Eq/Rope, Cable, Chain & Fittings
N041 Installation of Eq/Refrigeration, Air Cond Equip
N042 Installation of Eq/Fire, Rescue & Safety Equip
N043 Installation of Eq/Pumps & Compressors
N044 Installation of Eq/Furnace-Steam Plant-Nucl Reac
N045 Installation of Eq/Plumbing & Heating Equipment
N046 Installation of Eq/Water Purification Equipment
N047 Installation of Eq/Pipe-Tubing-Hose-Fittings
N048 Installation of Eq/Valves
N049 Installation of Eq/Maintenance & Repair Shop Eq
N051 Installation of Eq/Hand Tools
N052 Installation of Eq/Measuring Tools
N053 Installation of Eq/Hardware & Abrasives
N054 Installation of Eq/Prefab Structures
N055 Installation of Eq/Lumber & Millwork
N056 Installation of Eq/Construction Materials
N058 Installation of Eq/Communication Equipment
N059 Installation of Eq/Electrical & Elct Equip Comps
N060 Installation of Eq/Fiber Optic Mats & Comps
N061 Installation of Eq/Power Distribution Equipment
N062 Installation of Eq/Lighting Fixtures & Lamps
N063 Installation of Eq/Alarm & Signal Systems
N065 Installation of Eq/Medical & Dental Equipment
N066 Installation of Eq/Instruments & Lab Equipment
N067 Installation of Eq/Photographic Equipment
N068 Installation of Eq/Chemical Products
N069 Installation of Eq/Training Aids & Devices
N070 Installation of Eq/ADP Equip & Supplies
N071 Installation of Eq/Furniture
N072 Installation of Eq/Household Furnishings
N073 Installation of Eq/Food Prep & Serving Equip
N074 Installation of Eq/Office Machines
N075 Installation of Eq/Office Supplies & Devices
N076 Installation of Eq/Books-Maps-Pubs
N077 Installation of Eq/Musical Instruments-Radio
N078 Installation of Eq/Recreational Equipment
N079 Installation of Eq/Cleaning Equipment
N080 Installation of Eq/Brushes-Paints-Sealers
N081 Installation of Eq/Containers-Packaging
N083 Installation of Eq/Textiles-Leather-Furs
N084 Installation of Eq/Clothing - Individual
N085 Installation of Eq/Toiletries
N087 Installation of Eq/Agricultural Supplies
N088 Installation of Eq/Live Animals
N089 Installation of Eq/Subsistence
N091 Installation of Eq/Fuels-Lubricants-Oils
N093 Installation of Eq/Nonmetalic Fabricated Mats
N094 Installation of Eq/Nonmetalic Crude Materials
N095 Installation of Eq/Metal Bars & Sheets
N096 Installation of Eq/Ores & Minerals
N099 Installation of Eq/Miscellaneous Equipment

P100 Prep & Disposal of Excess & Surplus Property
P200 Salvage of Aircraft
P300 Salvage of Marine Vessels
P400 Demolition of Buildings
P500 Demolition of Structures or Fac (other than bldgs)
P999 Other Salvage Services

Q101 Dependent Medicare Services
Q201 General Health Care Services
Q301 Laboratory Testing Services
Q401 Nursing Services
Q402 Nursing Home Care Contracts
Q403 Evaluation & Screening
Q501 Anesthesiology Services
Q502 Cardio-Vascular Services
Q503 Dentistry Services
Q504 Dermatology Services
Q505 Gastroenterology Services
Q506 Geriatric Services
Q507 Gynecology
Q508 Hematology Services
Q509 Internal Medicine Services
Q510 Neurology Services
Q511 Ophthalmology Services
Q512 Optometry Services
Q513 Orthopedic Services
Q514 Otolaryngology Services
Q515 Pathology Services
Q516 Pediatric Services
Q517 Pharmacology Services
Q518 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services
Q519 Psychiatry Services
Q520 Podiatry Services
Q521 Pulmonary Services
Q522 Radiology Services
Q523 Surgery Services
Q524 Thoracic Services
Q525 Urology Services
Q526 Medical/Psychiatric Consultation Services
Q527 Nuclear Medicine
Q999 Other Medical Services

R401 Personal Care Services
R402 Real Estate Brokerage Services
R404 Land Surveys, Cadastral Svcs (non-const)
R405 Operations Research and Quantitative Analysis Ser
R406 Policy Review/Development Services
R407 Program Evaluation Services
R408 Program Management/Support Services
R409 Program Review/Development Services
R411 Real Property Appraisal Services (SIC 6531)
R412 Simulation
R413 Specifications Development Services
R414 Systems Engineering Services
R415 Technology Sharing/Utilization Services
R416 Veterinary/Animal Care Services
R418 Legal Services
R419 Educational Services
R420 Cert & Accred for prods & servs other than educ
R421 Technical Assistance
R422 Market Research and Public Opinion Services
R423 Intelligence Services
R424 Expert Witness
R425 Engineering Technical Services
R426 Communications Services
R427 Weather Reporting/Observation Services
R428 Industrial Hygienics
R497 Personal Services Contracts
R498 Patent and Trademark Services
R499 Other Professional Services
R602 Courier & Messenger Services
R603 Transcription Services
R604 Mailing & Distribution Services
R605 Library Services
R606 Court Reporting Services
R607 Word Processing/Typing Services
R608 Translation & Interpreting Services
R609 Stenographic Services
R610 Personal Property Management Services
R611 Credit Reporting Services
R612 Information Retrieval
R613 Post Office Services
R614 Paper Shredding Services
R699 Other Administrative Support Services
R701 Advertising Services
R702 Data Collection Services
R703 Accounting Services
R704 Auditing Services
R705 Debt Collection Services
R706 Logistics Support Services
R707 Contract, Procurement & Acquisition Support Svcs
R708 Public Relations Services
R709 Ongoing Audit Operations Support
R710 Financial Services
R711 Banking Services
R712 Coin Minting
R713 Banknote Printing
R799 Other Management Support Services

S111 Gas Services
S112 Electric Services
S113 Telephone and/or Communications Services
S114 Water Services
S119 Other Utilities
S201 Custodial - Janitorial Services
S202 Fire Protection Services
S203 Food Services
S204 Fueling & Other Petroleum Srvcs-Excluding Storage
S205 Trash/Garbage Collection Srvcs-Incl Port San Svcs
S206 Guard Services
S207 Insect & Rodent Control Services
S208 Landscaping/Groundskeeping Services
S209 Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services
S211 Surveillance Services
S212 Solid Fuel Handling Services
S214 Carpet Laying & Cleaning Services
S215 Warehousing & Storage Services
S216 Facilities Operations Support Services
S217 Interior Plantscaping
S218 Snow Removal/Salt Services
S222 Waste Treatment & Storage
S299 Other Housekeeping Services

T001 Arts/Graphics Services
T002 Cartography Services
T003 Cataloging Services
T004 Charting Services
T005 Film Processing Services
T006 Film/Video Tape Production Services
T007 Microform Services
T008 Photogrammetry Services
T009 Aerial Photographic Services
T010 General Photographic Services - Still
T011 Print/Binding Services
T012 Reproduction Services
T013 Technical Writing Services
T014 Topography Services
T015 General Photographic Services - Motion
T016 Audio/Visual Services
T099 Other Photographic Mapping, Printing, & Pub Svcs

U001 Lectures for Training
U002 Personnel Testing
U003 Reserve Training (Military)
U004 Scientific & Management Education
U005 Tuition, Registration & Membership Fees
U006 Vocational/Technical
U007 Faculty Salaries for Dependent Schools
U008 Training/Curriculum Development
U009 Education Services
U010 Cert & Accred for Educational Institutions
U011 AIDS Training
U012 ADP Software, Equipment, and Tele Training
U099 Other Education & Training Services

V002 Motor Pool Operations
V003 Packing/Crating Services
V111 Air Freight
V112 Motor Freight
V113 Rail Freight
V114 Stevedoring
V115 Vessel Freight
V119 Other Cargo & Freight Services
V121 Air Charter for Things
V122 Motor Charter for Things
V123 Rail Charter for Things
V124 Marine Charter For Things
V125 Vessel Towing Service
V126 Space Transportation and Launch Services
V127 Security Vehicle Services
V129 Other Vehicle Charter for Transportation of Things
V211 Air Passenger Service
V212 Motor Passenger Service
V213 Rail Passenger Service
V214 Marine Passenger Service
V221 Passenger Air Charter Service
V222 Passenger Motor Charter Service
V223 Passenger Rail Charter Service
V224 Passenger Marine Charter Service
V225 Ambulance Service
V226 Taxicab Services
V227 Navigational Aid and Pilotage Services
V231 Lodging - Hotel/Motel
V241 Military Personnel Recruitment
V251 Civilian Personnel Recruitment
V301 Relocation Services
V302 Travel Agent Services
V999 Other Transportation Travel & Relocation Services

W010 Lease or Rental of Eq/Weapons
W011 Lease or Rental of Eq/Nuclear Ordnance
W012 Lease or Rental of Eq/Fire Control Equipment
W013 Lease or Rental of Eq/Ammo & Explosives
W014 Lease or Rental of Eq/Guided Missiles
W015 Lease or Rental of Eq/Aircraft Structural Comps
W016 Lease or Rental of Eq/Aircraft Comps & Accys
W017 Lease or Rental of Eq/Aircraft Gnd Handling Equip
W018 Lease or Rental of Eq/Space Vehicles
W019 Lease or Rental of Eq/Ships-Sml Craft-Docks
W020 Lease or Rental of Eq/Ship & Marine Equipment
W022 Lease or Rental of Eq/Railway Equipment
W023 Lease or Rental of Eq/Vehicles-Trailers-Cycles
W024 Lease or Rental of Eq/Tractors
W025 Lease or Rental of Eq/Vehicular Equipment Comps
W026 Lease or Rental of Eq/Tires & Tubes
W028 Lease or Rental of Eq/Engines, Turbines & Comps
W029 Lease or Rental of Eq/Engine Accessories
W030 Lease or Rental of Eq/Mech Power Trans Equipment
W031 Lease or Rental of Eq/Bearings
W032 Lease or Rental of Eq/Woodworking Machinery Equip
W034 Lease or Rental of Eq/Metalworking Machinery
W035 Lease or Rental of Eq/Service & Trade Equipment
W036 Lease or Rental of Eq/Special Industry Machinery
W037 Lease or Rental of Eq/Agricultural Machinery & Eq
W038 Lease or Rental of Eq/Construction Equipment
W039 Lease or Rental of Eq/Materials Handling Equipment
W040 Lease or Rental of Eq/Rope-Cable-Chain-Fittings
W041 Lease or Rental of Eq/Refrigeration, Air Cond Eq
W042 Lease or Rental of Eq/Fire, Rescue & Safety Equip
W043 Lease or Rental of Eq/Pumps & Compressors
W044 Lease or Rental of Eq/Furnace-Steam Plant-Reac
W045 Lease or Rental of Eq/Plumbing & Heating Equipment
W046 Lease or Rental of Eq/Water Purification Equipment
W047 Lease or Rental of Eq/Pipe-Tubing-Hose-Fittings
W048 Lease or Rental of Eq/Valves
W049 Lease or Rental of Eq/Maintenance & Repair Shop Eq
W051 Lease or Rental of Eq/Hand Tools
W052 Lease or Rental of Eq/Measuring Tools
W053 Lease or Rental of Eq/Hardware & Abrasives
W054 Lease or Rental of Eq/Prefab Structures
W055 Lease or Rental of Eq/Lumber & Millwork
W056 Lease or Rental of Eq/Construction Materials
W058 Lease or Rental of Eq/Communication Equipment
W059 Lease or Rental of Eq/Electrical & Elct Eq Comps
W060 Lease or Rental of Eq/Fiber Optic Mats & Comps
W061 Lease or Rental of Eq/Power Distribution Equipment
W062 Lease or Rental of Eq/Lighting Fixtures & Lamps
W063 Lease or Rental of Eq/Alarm & Signal Systems
W065 Lease or Rental of Eq/Medical & Dental Equipment
W066 Lease or Rental of Eq/Instruments & Lab Equipment
W067 Lease or Rental of Eq/Photographic Equipment
W068 Lease or Rental of Eq/Chemical Products
W069 Lease or Rental of Eq/Training Aids & Devices
W070 Lease or Rental of Eq/ADP Equip & Supplies
W071 Lease or Rental of Eq/Furniture
W072 Lease or Rental of Eq/Household Furnishings
W073 Lease or Rental of Eq/Food Prep & Serving Equip
W074 Lease or Rental of Eq/Office Machines
W075 Lease or Rental of Eq/Office Supplies & Devices
W076 Lease or Rental of Eq/Books-Maps-Pubs
W077 Lease or Rental of Eq/Musical Instruments-Radio
W078 Lease or Rental of Eq/Recreational Equipment
W079 Lease or Rental of Eq/Cleaning Equipment
W080 Lease or Rental of Eq/Brushes-Paints-Sealers
W081 Lease or Rental of Eq/Containers-Packaging
W083 Lease or Rental of Eq/Textiles-Leather-Furs
W084 Lease or Rental of Eq/Clothing - Individual
W085 Lease or Rental of Eq/Toiletries
W087 Lease or Rental of Eq/Agricultural Supplies
W088 Lease or Rental of Eq/Live Animals
W089 Lease or Rental of Eq/Subsistence
W091 Lease or Rental of Eq/Fuels-Lubricants-Oils
W093 Lease or Rental of Eq/Nonmetalic Fabricated Mats
W094 Lease or Rental of Eq/Nonmetalic Crude Materials
W095 Lease or Rental of Eq/Metal Bars & Sheets
W096 Lease or Rental of Eq/Ores & Minerals
W099 Lease or Rental of Eq/Miscellaneous Equipment

X111 Lease/Office Buildings
X112 Lease/Conference Space & Facilities
X119 Lease/Other Administrative & Service Buildings
X121 Lease/Air Traffic Control Towers
X122 Lease/Air Traffic Control Training Facilities
X123 Lease/Radar & Navigational Facilities
X124 Lease/Airport Runways
X125 Lease/Airport Terminals
X126 Lease/Missile System Facilities
X127 Lease/Electronic & Communication Facilities
X129 Lease/Other Airfield Structures
X131 Lease/Schools
X139 Lease/Other Educational Buildings
X141 Lease/Hospitals & Infirmaries
X142 Lease/Laboratories & Clinics
X149 Lease/Other Hospital Buildings
X151 Lease/Ammunition Facilities
X152 Lease/Maintenance Buildings
X153 Lease/Production Buildings
X154 Lease/Ship Construction & Repair Facilities
X155 Lease/Tank-Automotive Facilities
X159 Lease/Other Industrial Buildings
X161 Lease/Family Housing Facilities
X162 Lease/Recreational Buildings
X163 Lease/Troop Housing Facilities
X164 Lease/Dining Facilities
X165 Lease/Religious Facilities
X166 Lease/Penal Facilities
X169 Lease/Other Residential Buildings
X171 Lease/Ammunition Storage Buildings
X172 Lease/Food or Grain Storage Buildings
X173 Lease/Fuel Storage Buildings
X174 Lease/Open Storage Facilities
X179 Lease/Other Warehouse Buildings
X181 Lease/Government-Owned Contractor-Operated R&D Fac
X182 Lease/Government-Owned Government-Operated R&D Fac
X183 GOCO Environmental Laboritories
X184 GOGO Environmental Laboritories
X191 Lease/Museums & Exhibition Buildings
X192 Lease/Testing & Measurement Buildings
X199 Lease/Other Miscellaneous Buildings
X211 Lease/Dams
X212 Lease/Canals
X213 Lease/Mine Fire Control Facilities
X214 Lease/Mine Subsidence Control Facilities
X215 Lease/Surface Mine Reclamation Facilities
X216 Lease/Dredging
X219 Lease/Other Conservation & Development Facilities
X221 Lease/Airport Service Roads
X222 Lease/Highways, Roads, Streets, & Bridges
X223 Lease/Tunnels & Subsurface Structures
X224 Lease/Parking Facilities Construction
X231 Lease/EPG - Coal
X232 Lease/EPG - Gas
X233 Lease/EPG - Geothermal
X234 Lease/EPG - Hydro
X235 Lease/EPG - Nuclear
X236 Lease/EPG - Petroleum
X237 Lease/EPG - Solar
X239 Lease/EPG - Other, Including Transmission
X241 Lease/Fuel Supply Facilities
X242 Lease/Heating & Cooling Plants
X243 Lease/Pollution Abatement & Control Facilities
X244 Lease/Sewage & Waste Facilities
X245 Lease/Water Supply Facilities
X249 Lease/Other Utilities
X291 Lease/Recreation Facilities (Non-Building)
X292 Lease/Exhibit Design (Non-Building)
X293 Lease/Unimproved Real Property (Land)
X294 Lease/Waste Treatment & Storage Facilities
X299 Lease/All Other Non-Building Facilities
X300 Restoration Activities

Y111 Office Buildings
Y112 Conference Space & Facilities
Y119 Other Administrative & Service Buildings
Y121 Air Traffic Control Towers
Y122 Air Traffic Control Training Facilities
Y123 Radar & Navigational Facilities
Y124 Airport Runways
Y125 Airport Terminals
Y126 Missile System Facilities
Y127 Electronic & Communication Facilities
Y129 Other Airfield Structures
Y131 Schools
Y139 Other Educational Buildings
Y141 Hospitals & Infirmaries
Y142 Laboratories & Clinics
Y149 Other Hospital Buildings
Y151 Ammunition Facilities
Y152 Maintenance Buildings
Y153 Production Buildings
Y154 Ship Construction & Repair Facilities
Y155 Tank-Automotive Facilities
Y159 Other Industrial Buildings
Y161 Family Housing Facilities
Y162 Recreational Buildings
Y163 Troop Housing Facilities
Y164 Dining Facilities
Y165 Religious Facilities
Y166 Penal Facilities
Y169 Other Residential Buildings
Y171 Ammunition Storage Buildings
Y172 Food or Grain Storage Buildings
Y173 Fuel Storage Buildings
Y174 Open Storage Facilities
Y179 Other Warehouse Buildings
Y181 Government-Owned Contractor-Operated R&D Fac
Y182 Government-Owned Government-Operated R&D Fac
Y183 GOCO Environmental Laboratories
Y184 GOGO Environmental Laboratories
Y191 Museums & Exhibition Buildings
Y192 Testing & Measurement Buildings
Y199 Other Miscellaneous Buildings
Y211 Dams
Y212 Canals
Y213 Mine Fire Control Facilities
Y214 Mine Subsidence Control Facilities
Y215 Surface Mine Reclamation Facilities
Y216 Dredging
Y219 Other Conservation & Development Facilities
Y221 Airport Service Roads
Y222 Highways, Roads, Streets, Bridges and Railways
Y223 Tunnels & Subsurface Structures
Y224 Parking Facilities Construction
Y231 EPG - Coal
Y232 EPG - Gas
Y233 EPG - Geothermal
Y234 EPG - Hydro
Y235 EPG - Nuclear
Y236 EPG - Petroleum
Y237 EPG - Solar
Y239 EPG - Other, Including Transmission
Y241 Fuel Supply Facilities
Y242 Heating & Cooling Plants
Y243 Pollution Abatement & Control Facilities
Y244 Sewage & Waste Facilities
Y245 Water Supply Facilities
Y249 Other Utilities
Y291 Recreation Facilities (non-building)
Y292 Exhibit Design (non-building)
Y293 Unimproved Real Property (land)
Y294 Waste Treatment & Storage Facilities
Y299 All Other Non-Building Facilities
Y300 Restoration Activities

Z111 Maint/Office Buildings
Z112 Maint/Conference Space & Facilities
Z119 Maint/Other Administrative & Service Buildings
Z121 Maint/Air Traffic Control Towers
Z122 Maint/Air Traffic Control Training Facilities
Z123 Maint/Radar & Navigational Facilities
Z124 Maint/Airport Runways
Z125 Maint/Airport Terminals
Z126 Maint/Missile System Facilities
Z127 Maint/Electronic & Communication Facilities
Z129 Maint/Other Airfield Structures
Z131 Maint/Schools
Z139 Maint/Other Educational Buildings
Z141 Maint/Hospitals & Infirmaries
Z142 Maint/Laboratories & Clinics
Z149 Maint/Other Hospital Buildings
Z151 Maint/Ammunition Facilities
Z152 Maint/Maintenance Buildings
Z153 Maint/Production Buildings
Z154 Maint/Ship Construction & Repair Facilities
Z155 Maint/Tank-Automotive Facilities
Z159 Maint/Other Industrial Buildings
Z161 Maint/Family Housing Facilities
Z162 Maint/Recreational Buildings
Z163 Maint/Troop Housing Facilities
Z164 Maint/Dining Facilities
Z165 Maint/Religious Facilities
Z166 Maint/Penal Facilities
Z169 Maint/Other Residential Buildings
Z171 Maint/Ammunition Storage Buildings
Z172 Maint/Food or Grain Storage Buildings
Z173 Maint/Fuel Storage Buildings
Z174 Maint/Open Storage Facilities
Z179 Maint/Other Warehouse Buildings
Z181 Maint/Government-Owned Contractor-Operated R&D Fac
Z182 Maint/Government-Owned Government-Operated R&D Fac
Z183 Maint/GOCO Environmental Laboritories
Z184 Maint/GOGO Environmental Laboritories
Z191 Maint/Museums & Exhibition Buildings
Z192 Maint/Testing & Measurement Buildings
Z199 Maint/Other Miscellaneous Buildings
Z211 Maint/Dams
Z212 Maint/Canals
Z213 Maint/Mine Fire Control Facilities
Z214 Maint/Mine Subsidence Control Facilities
Z215 Maint/Surface Mine Reclamation Facilities
Z216 Maint/Dredging
Z219 Maint/Other Conservation & Development Facilities
Z221 Maint/Airport Service Roads
Z222 Maint/Highways, Roads, Streets, & Bridges
Z223 Maint/Tunnels & Subsurface Structures
Z224 Maint/Parking Facilities Construction
Z231 Maint/EPG - Coal
Z232 Maint/EPG - Gas
Z233 Maint/EPG - Geothermal
Z234 Maint/EPG - Hydro
Z235 Maint/EPG - Nuclear
Z236 Maint/EPG - Petroleum
Z237 Maint/EPG - Solar
Z239 Maint/EPG - Other, Including Transmission
Z241 Maint/Fuel Supply Facilities
Z242 Maint/Heating & Cooling Plants
Z243 Maint/Pollution Abatement & Control Facilities
Z244 Maint/Sewage & Waste Facilities
Z245 Maint/Water Supply Facilities
Z249 Maint/Other Utilities
Z291 Maint/Recreation Facilities (Non-Building)
Z292 Maint/Exhibit Design (Non-Building)
Z293 Maint/Unimproved Real Property (Land)
Z294 Maint/Waste Treatment & Storage Facilities
Z299 Maint/All Other Non-Building Facilities
Z300 Maint/Restoration Activities

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